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Fall food

Fall food

Mireia Cervera 26 September 2016

What foods are the best to eat in the fall? Discover in this post the ideal vegetables and fruits to eat in a healthy and comforting way.

The summer hIt has come to an end, the days are getting shorter, the terrible heat that has invaded us this summer is left behind, just like summer fruits and vegetables. So we welcome autumn , where we reap the fruits of sowingto spring already ripe for the course of summer.

Autumn is the season when the leaves fall from the trees, the weather becomes more moderate, and the days andthe nights are the same length. The cool, almost wintry weather makes us want to stay at home enjoying a book, a movie, or cooking, recovering pleasures forgotten during the summer. With the arrival of the station come taAlso new ingredients; foods that we were already beginning to miss.

But autumn is also the season where our defenses tend to fall, that is why mother nature offers us the right foods.two to charge us with energy, rid our body of toxins and strengthen our immune system to face the winter. We must take advantage of the autumn fruits and vegetables that nature gives us to give our health whims that cuiden of us.

This station is especially tasty and versatile; mushrooms, persimmons, pumpkins, chestnuts, moniatos, figs, quinces, apples, pears ... they offer us the possibility of accompanying stews, fish, stews and making jams and marmalades with will have an infinite number of desserts, which will help us to cope with the low temperatures that lie ahead.

As we have already said in the post seasonal products , consume foodThe information of each season is essential for a number of reasons: product quality, environmental sustainability and financial savings. But in autumn we especially have the best vegetables.

Here are the seasonal vegetables and fruits to consume during the months of September, October, November and December:

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale