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04 August 2020

The true secret of healthy and beautiful skin is to take care of it from the inside with a good diet, rich in nutrients and antioxidants, and good hydration. Although moisturizers and facials contribute to skinradiant, the most effective and lasting way is to choose the ingredients we eat well.

Foods to promote tanning

If we want to maintain a beautiful and tanned skin in summer it is important that our diet does not lack foods rich in beta-carotene. This pigment is a precursor of the vitaminto A, accelerating tanning by promoting melanin synthesis, which in turn will act as a natural filter for ultraviolet rays and provide us with the desired tan. Do not miss in your pantry: carrots, beets, moniato, tomato, peachautumn, apricots ... And all those orange, red or green vegetables.

To protect and prepare the skin

We all know the importance of omega-3s to maintain proper health at the car level.diovascular. But, in addition, omega-3 fatty acids are essential for the care and protection of the skin, avoiding dehydration and helping to protect the skin against possible attacks, burns ... It is as simple as increasing ourYour consumption of blue fish (tuna, anchovy, mackerel, anchovy, salmon ...), seeds (chia, flax, hemp) and dried fruits (walnuts, almonds and chestnuts).

To illuminate

To show off a luminous skin no puFoods rich in vitamin C are lacking in our diet. Vitamin C plays an essential role in cell renewal, the generation of collagen and protection against free radicals. Raw fruit and vegetables, in general, are buEnas sources of vitamins, so it is necessary to increase their presence in our diet. A good way to eat more raw fruit and vegetables, keeping all your vitamins intact, is through cold-pressed juices.

Pairto repair

Vitamin E is one of the forgotten in the diet and has great antioxidant and, above all, healing properties. This vitamin is essential to protect the skin from long exposure to the sun and is key to pTo restore it from possible burns after a mistake or due to the misuse of sun creams. Avocado, almonds, olive oil, olives and green leafy vegetables in general cannot be missing from your diet.

For uhydrated skin

Water is not a food in itself, but it is essential for hydrated skin. Drink water, fruit and vegetable juices orxandkale.com/kombucha">kombucha prevents dehydration and dryness of the skin from within, thus preserving the elasticity of the dermis and preventing aging.

There are no magic foods, but “we are what you eatmos ”, and that is because food has a lot to do with our body. If you want radiant, youthful and hydrated skin, the best way is to maintain a balanced, varied diet rich in plant-based foods.

Raise your brightnessthe natural!

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