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The benefits of Asian cuisine

F&K Talk 20: The benefits of Asian cuisine

Mireia Cervera 23 February 2018

On February 22, our Ramon Barri Auditorium opened its doors to celebrate our Flax & Kale Talk 20: The benefits of Asian cuisine. From the hand of Mareva Gillioz, Integrative Dietitian, Nutritional Coach, specialist in therapia brief, therapeutic cooking, naturopathy and passionate about traveling.

Beyond soy, seaweed, sushi and noodle soup, oriental cuisine has a series of habits that have led experts to rate its diet as como one of the healthiest in the world, along with the Mediterranean. In this Talk Mareva Gillioz, Integrative Dietitian, passionate and connoisseur of oriental cuisine, explained all her secrets to be able to apply them to our day to day.

Oriental cuisine has a series of habits that have led experts to rate its diet as one of the healthiest in the world,

Asian cuisine has reached all corners of the world giving color, variety and flavor to numerous dishes that are also healthy. Although within the Asian continent the culinary diversity is very wide, there are common elements in the differencesthree regions. They share characteristics, such as the abundance of vegetables, grains and legumes, fermented, quality proteins and, in addition, many species are used in it that allow the flavors to stand out.

Mareva Gillioz continued to expAs for the oriental people, instead of opting for sugary soft drinks or alcoholic beverages, they tend to drink, in general, teas and infusions, which provide antioxidants and provide practically no calories.

Another thing thatWhat Orientals do well is to eat little. The food is cut into small portions, which are usually eaten with chopsticks, which allows them to eat slowly, chew food well and have a good digestion.

To finish, they put itHe told us about the cooking methods. The Orientals hardly boil food. They use cooking methods that respect the vitamins and minerals of the food. They cook with steam, something that avoids overcooking food and does not enhance the pLoss of nutrients. As for the wok, its concave shape allows the heat to concentrate and the food to cook without the need to add fat.

When Mareva finished, question time was opened, and as always, he served himselfor as a tasting dishes related to Talk. In this case, dishes from the new FLAX & KALE PASSAGE restaurant , Umami Almonds (almonds with miso, sesameor black and ginger) and the Salmon Sushi Sandwich (seaweed, rice, miso ginger sauce and salmon).

If you could not attend the Talk or just want to see the talk again, do not miss our channell / UCfWNtLpO4CZqYp-d_gNDVmA "> youtube , where we are publishing all the Talks.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale

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