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Pregnancy and breastfeeding, guidelines for healthy eating

TC Talk 3: Pregnancy and breastfeeding, guidelines for healthy eating

Mireia Cervera 16 March 2017

On March 15, our restaurant Teresa Carles Lleida, opened its doors to celebrate Teresa Carles Talk 3 on: "Pregnancy and breastfeeding, guidelines for healthy eating", by the hand of Dietitian-Nutritionist María Romero beautiful.

During pregnancy and breastfeeding, eating healthy is more important than ever. The pregnant woman has increased needs for protein, iron, calcium and folic acid. However, it is not necessary to eat by doYes, the important thing is to eat highly nutritious and natural foods. We must not forget that the feeding of future moms has a fundamental influence on the development of the baby that is being formed. That is why María Romero Hermoso told usIn this Talk she explained the guidelines and tips for future moms to eat correctly and healthily during this wonderful period.

“Eating healthy and balanced is always recommended, whether you are pregnant,as if breastfeeding, as if not ”. This is how forceful but close María Romero began the third Talk.

It is clear that pregnancy supposes an increase in the needs of nutrients, and an adequate diet during isYour period contributes both to preventing problems associated with the development of the newborn, and to the prevention of maternal diseases, before and after pregnancy. It is evident that pregnancy increases energy needs, but it is notIt tries to eat more, but to change eating habits to provide the body with essential nutrients for the good health of the mother and the future baby.

Future moms, explained the speaker, should avoid coConsumption of certain foods due to diseases dangerous to the fetus that they can transmit, such as listeriosis and toxoplasmosis. Maria Romero gave a list of foods to avoid, such as cold cuts, raw fish, and cheeses not to eat.steurized, and also certain hygienic measures to follow, such as cleaning fruits and vegetables well, as well as cooking all food well.

Pregnancy increases energy needs, but it is not about eating more, but about changing eating habits

The speaker placed special emphasis on reducing alcohol consumption during pregnancy, since it is associated with a higher rate of fetal malformations and does not carry any nutritional benefit.

During breastfeeding should be followedthe same guidelines as during pregnancy, but slightly increasing caloric intake. Basically you should follow a healthy and balanced diet, where there is no shortage of fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grains, and from time to time some atimento of animal origin (fish, meat, eggs, dairy…), or in the case of being vegetarian, the mixture of cereals and legumes is important, since a quality protein is obtained.

To conclude, María Romero once again highlighted, the importance of a healthy and balanced diet , and not only for the correct development of the baby 'but also for the future mother. And it is that, your health, will be the health of your baby.

If you couldn't attend the eventOr you just want to see the talk again, don't miss our YouTube channel, where we are publishing all the Talks.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale