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Dont gain kilos at Christmas

Don't gain kilos at Christmas

Mireia Cervera 12 December 2020

Christmas is full of hearty meals and is the best time to gain weight. Normally there is a tendency to gain an average of three kilos during these days, according to severals studies. In fact, almost 50% of the annual weight gain takes place during this period. But by following the following tips we can avoid them or at least soften them.

Almost 50% of the annual weight gain takes place during this period.


Be careful with the days before Christmas, since they are as or more dangerous than those of the festive dates, causing the scale to begin to rise earlier than expected.

We must control ourselves in meetings withn friends or company dinners that are organized during these dates. They are the beginning of the nightmare with the scale. It is not about avoiding them, but about eating moderately and opting for lighter dishes (salads and fish). There will already be time to let go during the holidays.

Do not buy polvorones, nougat and other Christmas sweets before the Holidays so as not to be tempted prematurely.


Eat breakfast every day , to avoid feeling hungry and reaching the Christmas banquet desperate.

Size does matter . Do not repeat or go overboard with the quantities. At every lunch or dinner you should eata first and a second, but controlling the portions. If the first is a pica-pica, take a single portion of each dish.

A healthy toast. Toasting with water is bad luck, but the fifth toast with caDrinks or champagne are followed by the party glasses with the excess calories in the form of alcohol.

Constantly hydrate . Drink plenty of water, infusions and broths during the holidays. This will especially help you to eliminatealcohol excesses.

Don't put exercise aside . It is not a question of spending an hour every day in the gym, but rather avoiding a complete sedentary lifestyle. Go for a walk in the mornings or take a walk at sunset, especially thoseOn days when there are large meals or dinners.

Recent studies show that training before eating also works. When you exercise, caloric expenditure is maintained for an hour, or even two, depending on thepeople and their metabolism, so if you go for a run before you eat, you start burning calories before you consume them. Nothing better than ending the year running the San Silvestre in the afternoon.

Suggest a lighter dinner to your family andhealthy. You can celebrate and enjoy Christmas with healthier foods and not for that less appetizing. Prepare an exotic salad with seafood, or a vegetable creamwith a touch of truffle, second a baked fish with vegetables and substitute the nougat with nuts (you save the sugar).

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale

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