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Healthy recipes

Healthy recipes

Mireia Cervera 13 July 2016

If you are looking for healthy recipes, this is your post. Where we are not only going to give you easy and healthy recipes, but also the guidelines and tips so that the change towards a healthy lifestyle is as simple as possible.

Everyone wants to have a healthy lifestyle, it is a mantra that we repeat ad nauseam, but how do you do it? Leading a healthy life is based on three basic principles: diet, exercise and rest. To start takingThe decision to make the change is already a big step, but many times we do not know where to start. If we have spent a lot of time having bad habits - eating poorly, stressed and sedentary - it will be more difficult, almost impossible, to changechange overnight and we may end up giving up. That is why below we give you the definitive recipes and guidelines so that you can start the change towards a better diet and do not stay in the attempt, maintaining andn the time what was learned.

Make delicious recipes so that your eating pattern is not only healthy but also tasty and appetizing. Do not panic! Arguments such as "I don't have time to cook" or "I don't know how to cook" are no longer going toto serve. As if it were a cooking school, we share with you easy and healthy recipes prepared by our chef Teresa Carles so that cooking is "a piece of cake".

Coming Soon!
Soups and creams
Cauliflower soup with superfoods

Coming Soon!

Pasta, rice and cereals
Vegetable nituke with quinoa
Oat and beet risotto
vegan-ta-beet-spaguettini-with-thai-sauce-and-tofu "> Beet spaghetti with thai sauce of vegetables and tofu
Vegan lasagna
-de-mushrooms-with-rice "> Mushroom stew with rice
Quinoa risotto with spinach

lentils-with-vegetables "> Lentils with vegetables

Main courses
Cauliflower meatballs with pea sauce
Coming Soon!

Vegan protein bars

Chia pudding with fruits and nuts
Vegan carrot cake with frosting de coco

And finally, the most important step, learn to cook all these recipes with the following guidelines.


Once we have the purchase at home we have to save it. The way we preserve food is essential to get the most out of our recipes clean vegetables in perforated plastic bags with a little kitchen paper to absorb moisture, and preferably place them in the bottom drawer of thefridge.

The fruits are kept at room temperature in a place with good current. But on the contrary, the most perishable such as strawberries, plums, apricots or medlars should be kept in the "freezer" (cohow they say in North America and also in Latin America) when they are ripe. And even freeze them and have them on hand to make natural smoothies and ice creams when you feel like it the most.

To keep all its properties intact, savecereals , legumes and seeds in glass containers with a good lid and place them in a dry and dark place.

Ingredient preparation

Although it seems obvious, first of all we must have all the ingredients of the recipe prepared. It will help us so that all the effort and concentration are fixed in the preparation of the recipe.

vegetables with cold water and without chopping, since if we wash them after cutting them, many minerals are lost by dissolution, which reduces their flavor and nutritional qualities. For the same reason, eviWe will tare the long soaks. It is useful to have a brush to clean vegetables and greens. As for cereals (brown rice, quinoa, oats, buckwheat ...) they must be washed before cooking and the bestThe way to do it is by immersion and decantation of the water.


What we eat is just as important as how we cook it . The way to cook food toon has consequences on the nutritional properties of the food. The oven , the steam cooker and the wok are our best friends to lose the minimum. Of all the nutrients, vitamin C is thethat it is easier to lose on the way when we cook vegetables, that is why it is good not to miss the consumption of raw vegetables. For example, don't miss salads, gazpachos, green smoothies and lots of fresh fruit in your diet.

Yes followIn these simple recipes, together with the guidelines that we provide, we can assure you that cooking and eating healthy will be a piece of cake!

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale