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Prevention and treatment of cancer

Talk 7: Prevention and treatment of cancer

Mireia Cervera 28 September 2017

On September 27, our Teresa Carles Lleida restaurant opened its doors to celebrate Teresa Carles Talk 7: Cancer prevention and treatment. The importance of food. From the hand of Dr. Natàlia Eres, licenGraduated in medicine and surgery, specialized in oncology and director of the Eres Institute of Holistic Medicine and Oncology ( imhoe ).

Being an active part of the disease and addressing the canTo do so in an integrative way implies having a cure for diet as a transversal pillar, but also for physical exercise, taking food supplements and integrating techniques to improve stress management.

Dr. Natàlia You are together with the dietician-nutritionist Martina Rebull, they gave us the guidelines to improve the quality of life and promote the healing of the person.

"What is integrative oncology?" Began Dr. Natàlia Eres. It is the one that combines the most effective and scientifically rigorous complementary medicines with conventional oncology, but placing the latter as an essential part of treatment. The conventional one would be the one that predominates over the other.

Integrative oncology is one that combines complementary and conventional medicines

Improving the health of a person who suffers from cancer and who is receiving chemotherapy treatment has a real impact on the overall result. Not only will it improve the quality of life, but it will also improve the overall cancer outcome. ByTherefore, one of the great challenges is to promote health, understanding that this fact is not based solely on "curing the disease", but that the objectives should be several: reduce the side effects of the treatment, improve the symptoms causeds for cancer, promote emotional health and improve quality of life.

At least a third of all cancer cases can be prevented by following a proper diet and regular physical activity, Martina Rebull began. There is a series de factors that favor the appearance of cancer: a depressed immune system, an inflammatory environment, omega 3/6 balance, glucose, insulin and excess IGF-1, excess free radicals, altered intestinal flora, hormone alterationslesions, obesity and environmental toxins that act as carcinogens.

According to the nutritionist, in our diet we should avoid cow's milk, sugar, flours, synthetic sweeteners, hydrRefined carbon atos, intensively farmed meats and eggs, farmed fish, pork and sausages, foods rich in "trans fats", sugar chocolate, coffee (roasted), sugary drinks, alcohol and refined oils.
And the foods that we must promote to prevent cancer are : vegetables, fruits rich in antioxidants, sprouts, seaweed, seeds, raw nuts, carbohydrates (gluten-free and whole) and legumes.bres. These foods contain compounds that inhibit the growth of cancer cells, act as antioxidants, improve the response of the immune system, reduce inflammation and induce the detoxification of carcinogenic substances.ace.

To conclude, Dr. Eres and Martina Rebull concluded that the path of integrative oncology involves merging the best of both medicines as equals. They also believe that oncologists with training in mediciunconventional nas and nutrition.

If you couldn't attend the event or you just want to see Talk again, don't miss our YouTube channel ,where we are publishing all the talks.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale

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