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8 Cleansing foods

8 Cleansing foods

Mireia Cervera 01 April 2022

Discover in this post 8 healthy and very cleansing foods that are ideal to cleanse your body. They will help you feel healthy and full of energy.

During the summer, being more relaxed and on vacation, we usually coput more food excesses (a beer, an ice cream, a paella, some tapas ...). Free your body of these accumulated toxins and get a small daily detoxification by adding these cleansing foods to your diet. We owe toHelp our liver - the organ responsible for cleaning the blood - with all these food excesses.

  • Coriander : with a powerful cleansing effect, it seems to reduce cadmium and other heavy metals in our body. So far it has been scientifically proven in animal studies, it remains to be finished confirm in humans. This property is believed to be due to specific acids that are also present in grapes.
  • Citrus fruits : their richness in citric acid makes them the purifying pThe effects of excess aluminum in our body, especially in bones where there is more accumulation. Prepare a delicious citrus-based juice and enjoy all its benefits.
  • Apples : rich in acid succínico help to cleanse our body of heavy metals such as lead, cadmium and mercury. And it is that the whole life has been said: "An apple a day removes the doctor from your life."
  • Chlorella : this algae mUnicellular icroscopic is a powerful cleanser of the body, detoxifies the body of Mercury, a powerful neurotoxin responsible for numerous pathologies. It even purifies the body of radioactivity.
  • Berries (arandanos, blackberries, currants): they stand out for their concentration in antioxidants and live enzymes that help cleanse our body. Eat them on an empty stomach to increase and take full advantage of all their effects.
  • Green leaves (spinach, watercress, lettuce ...): rich in chlorophyll and other phytonutrients, they help to eliminate toxins such as metals and pesticides in a gentle but very effective way. The best way to consume them is raw in the form of a salad.
  • Cruciferous liver cleansing enzymes, enhancing its function. Within this group of vegetables, kale and broccoli stand out.
  • Whole grains: they are very rich in fiber, which worksIt works like a broom for our body and in particular for the intestine where many toxins accumulate.

In addition to adding these cleansing foods to your diet, you can do some a cleasing plan ideal to feed our body with juices with a very high valuer nutritional, allowing our digestive system to rest, thus allowing it to eliminate all those toxins accumulated in our body.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale