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Coconut water: the new sports drink

Coconut water: the new sports drink

Mireia Cervera 14 April 2016

You train, you strain, you percuss, but how do you hydrate? How do you compensate your body after kicking it off? Are you thinking of changing your sports drink for a more natural and healthy one? If so, coconut water is whatyou were looking for. Discover in this post the virtues of coconut water as the ideal drink to recover after physical effort. One hundred percent natural, without added sugars, without sweeteners or preservatives. A devastating mix: more hydrating than el water and more potassium than a banana. Who gives more?

The sport's king Midas, Michael Jordan, made them fashionable in the early '90s, when his Bulls were rampaging on American courts, and he was setting trends with swearing sportswear from our own line (who hasn't had an Air Jordan T-shirt, cap or sneakers?) and drinking isotonic drink at every time out. Sports drinks are not just a means of calming down the sed and replace fluids lost through sweat, but also a way to recharge muscles with carbohydrates and improve recovery with protein. Recentm.nih.gov/pubmed/12056182 "> Studies suggest that young coconut water may have good electrolyte replacement in various situations, such as during or after exercise.

Sports drinks are ideal to recharge our muscles before, during and after exercise.

Coconut water is a refreshing liquid (95% pure water) extracted from fresh and tender coconuts, which have little to do with the brown ones that we find in greengrocers, greengrocers or at fairs and even on some beaches in the area.Spanish coastline ("al rico coco!"). These coconuts have a different appearance, they are white, tender, dotted on one side and flat on the other. The young generally have more water than those that are older and more mature, sincethat the pulp is replacing the water, as the fruit matures. We can also buy coconut water already bottled or in cans, but be careful, most contain artificial flavorings and preservatives.

Compared to other sports drinks , coconut water is not only rich in potassium and sodium, but in less quantity it also has magnesium, calcium and phosphorus and is a good source of antioxidants. All of these make upBefore turning it into an unbeatable natural isotonic drink , which will help us to regain the body's hydration, energy levels and accelerate metabolism. This makes it a particularly suitable drink for rerecover after strenuous exercise. If you've sweated a lot, add a pinch of Himalayan salt to coconut water and its properties will increase exponentially.

Coconut water is the natural isotonic drink par excellence thanks to its hydrating and remineralizing power.

It is true that natural coconut water contains less sodium and glucose than commercial isotonic drinks, being less effective in achieving optimal rehydration, but its sweet and smooth flavor that propoIt provides good palatability and favors drinking an adequate amount of liquid and at a good pace, necessary for good hydration while doing it, or after sports activity. In addition, it does not cause nausea or a feeling of fullness, which ends withcompensating for the difference in nutrients.

So to finish we can say that its light flavor, its good tolerance and its fantastic moisturizing power make coconut water the queen of sports drinks , totallmente suitable for restoring large losses of fluids and electrolytes after sports practice.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale