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Sea water and sport

Sea water and sport

Mireia Cervera 27 September 2016

If we browse the net we can find a lot of information about the nutritional and regenerative properties of seawater consumption. Even elite athletes claim to have taken it and noticed its spectacular effects. Discover inthis post what science says about all this.

Seawater is consolidating itself as one of the main options as a nutritional supplement due to its natural origin, its total contribution of minerals and theendorsement of certainm-the-Ua-Reveals-That-Sea-Wa "> scientific studies, promoted by a company that precisely markets these products. Therefore, better and deeper scientific evidence of their effectiveness is needed.The results indicate that treated and modified seawater makes sports performance optimal and recoveries after exercise shorter. But we are not talking about pure and hard seawater , we are talking about a href = "/ en / home-made-sports-drinks"> isotonic drink that contains a portion of it in its composition.

In fact, even Rafa Nadal was able to recover from dehydration at the Australian Open thanks to aref = "/ en / home-made-sports-drinks"> hypertonic seawater drink. During his second round match at the Australian Open, Rafa Nadal suffered severe dehydration. The Spaniard had dizziness, calambres and even arcades. The weather conditions at that time were difficult, with a lot of heat and suffocating humidity. This made Rafa sweat excessively when they barely had a few games, losing a lot of water in his body and a significant amount.amount of nutrients. It is then that the famous sea water appears treated in the form of a hypertonic drink . Thanks to her, Nadal came back and won the victory.

With everything explained above, we could say that yes, sea water is the best option for regular exercise. But let's not be fooled, we are not talking about seawater itself,but from a preparation specially designed to improve sports performance.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale