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Mindfulness feeding

Mindfulness feeding

Mireia Cervera 05 August 2016

Discover in this post Mindfulness Nutrition where you will learn to eat to be healthy, happy and with a high consciousness. Knowing what you eat, how you eat it and with what attitude you do it will help you to follow a proper diet.

Be aware for a moment and think: do you have mindfulness when you eat, do you do it savoring and tasting each bite? Or do you eat too many times in a mechanical and impulsive way? We spend a good part of our lives eating and generally we tend to carry out this act on "automatic pilot", as an obligation or a mere procedure to be able to continue with our obligations.

But what you eat is as important as the way you do it . We speak of Mindfulness applied to Nutrition, it is based on mindfulness, a form of meditation whose origin resides in theBuddhism and that it helps you recognize and deal with your emotions and physical sensations when eating. Mindfulness itself is nothing more than being aware of what is going through our mind and body at all times, without leaving us behind.strar by the speed of life today. This therapeutic technique has helped treat many disorders, including eating disorders, depression, and anxiety.

Here are 5 keys to a MINDFULNESS diet:

  1. First of all, sit at the table and pay attention to your breathing.
  2. Eat when you're really hungry. We are currently overfed, we eat more than we really need. It isIt is good to regain the feeling of hunger, allowing 3 hours to pass between each meal and doing 24-hour fasts once a month with juices and cleansing broths.
  3. Pay attention to the tastes and smells of your food . Eat conscMindfulness involves taking small bites or sips and appreciating the array of flavors and texts.
  4. Eat slowly and moderately (our body needs 20 minutes for the satiety signal to reach the brain). Come slowthoroughly, chewing each bite many times and running it all over the surface of your mouth. And don't forget that digestion begins in the mouth.
  5. Eat without distractions (TV, mobile, tablet, computer ...) Turn off the TV or leaveanything else you are doing that has nothing to do with the act of eating. Savor the moment.

If you follow these simple recommendations, you will be practicing conscious eating or Mindfulness . No empiSometimes at once, it is a good idea to choose one meal a day, to focus on all the above points. Once you have the practice, the attention will be more natural and you can apply it almost without realizing it.

Our mood and our emotions have a direct impact on our diet and the way we eat.

How does Mindfulness Nutrition help us?

  1. It helps us in losing weight.
  2. Prevent binge eating.
  3. Decrease unhealthy eating behaviors.

And remember the most important;Whatever you do, whatever you eat, do it with the deep desire to enjoy it, because as we always say in Teresa Carles Healthy Foods : EAT BETTER, BE HAPPIER, LIVE LONGER.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale