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Summer fruits and vegetables

Summer fruits and vegetables

Mireia Cervera 22 June 2017

What foods are the best to consume in summer? Discover in this post the ideal summer fruits and vegetables to eat in a healthy and refreshing way.

It already smells like summer ! The endSpring aliza and with the heat our body asks for salads, gazpachos and fresh fruits. And since nature is wise, it gives us light summer foods to paliar the effects of heat, to preserve the line, and rich in antioxidants to protect us from the sun.

At this time we not only change seasons but also habits and climate. The summer heat gives the bWelcome to the al fresco dinners, the meals on the beach, the breakfasts that become lunches and the vermouths that last until late in the afternoon. seize the moment and enjoy the excellentemporada "> seasonal fruits and vegetables to prepare fresh and healthy recipes.

in summer we especially have the best vegetables that nature gives us

Summer is an excellent time to eat a diet of raw fruits and vegetables. We can enjoy salads and gazpachos with vegetables full of antioxidants that protect us from solar radiation. And evidently not pTasty and refreshing summer fruits may be missing from our day to day: cherries , peaches, strawberries , plums,f = "/ is / the-melon-and-its-properties"> melons, watermelons. .. which one more good!

As we have already said in thepost-seasonal products, consuming vegetables and fruit from each season is essential for a number of reasons: product quality, environmental sustainability and financial savings. But in summer especiallywe have the best vegetables that nature provides us to help refresh ourselves and combat the effects of high summer temperatures.

Here are the seasonal vegetables and fruits to buy between June, July and August:




href = "/ en / peppers-rich-in-antioxidants"> Pepper



pine-and-its-properties "> Cucumber



Brevas and Figs






Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale