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Vegan protein bars

Vegan protein bars

Mireia Cervera 22 June 2016

In this post, our chef Teresa Carles proposes a healthy, balanced and easy recipe for us to make our own homemade vegan protein bars.

Protein bars are a snack, and as such they are a fast food, easy to take at any time and easy to take to any place or circumstance. The assortment in the world of sports snacks of protein bars you know, or have even tried (Bicentury, Nutrisport, Myprotein, Max-Pro…), the list can be endless. But where do we find quality snacks?

In addition to the protein powders that many athletes are used to taking, there are also protein bars that alsoThey also help us in the recovery process. But many of the bars, apart from being very expensive, are not entirely healthy due to the high amount of added sugars, the wrong type of fats and the low quality of proteins (they are usuallytars made from low-grade soy protein, casein, or isolated whey).

And what are protein bars for ? When can we take them? They are easy to carry, we can easily store them withmy emergency food. Take them in your gym bag, purse, pocket, backpack ... They are useful for runners and cyclists who want to carry them during the race.appetizer, a snack that does not spoil, or for those who take long walks and prefer light luggage. They will help you overcome your particular 'wall' (the sensation of dramatic physical and especially psychological fatigue that tiesca to marathoners at km 30), produced when glycogen stores are depleted.

They allow you to eat before the activity . Snacking before exercising is a good way to increase energy and stamina. Our enerGia increases not as a result of ingesting magical ingredients, as they would have us believe, but by ingesting 200 to 300 calories. These calories provide more fuel than the zero calories from taking nothing. One banana, one sports .

They are also good food duduring endurance exercise. Protein bars are an excellent way to increase energy and endurance during prolonged exercise, such as mountain biking, triathlons, marathons…. Not that waywe rely only on what we eat before exercising.

Teresa's protein bars , being vegan and therefore 100% natural, are generally easy to digest, but it will depend on each person.

Here is the recipe for ourChef Teresa Carles of vegan protein bars . They are made with natural ingredients and superfoods (l, ll) all of them healthy, they are suitable for lactose intolerant and for vegans and ideal both before, during and afterof exercise to regain your strength and return as quickly as possible to an optimal state.

Recipe Teresa Carles Vegan Protein Balls

Ingredients for 4 Balls:

100 gr. oat flakes
50 ml of almond milk
75 gr. almond butter
100 gr. agave syrup
5 gr. cocoa
15 gr. chocolate chip
25 gr. chia seeds
25 gr. ground flax seeds

For coverage:

freeze dried raspberry


Mix all the ingredients except for the coating. Let it rest for half an hour in the fridge. Form the balls or bars and coat them with the raspberries and hemp seeds. We do not hold ourselves accountable ifyou become addicted to these bars , because they are so delicious and healthy that you will not be able to stop eating them at all hours.

You can make your own combinations. In general vegan protein bars ng> are usually made with dates, pea protein, brown rice protein, agave syrup, flax seeds , raisins,ndes-properties "target =" _ blank "> chia , almond butter, sesame. They contain all essential and non-essential amino acids in healthy balance. They are a source of natural fiber and contain antioxidants, fatty acidsessential vitamins and minerals.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale