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7 Examples of healthy dinners

7 Examples of healthy dinners

Mireia Cervera 29 November 2016

We always focus on breakfast and lunch and on many occasions we do not give it the importance that dinner really has. In general, we simplify dinners by chopping anything such as precooked dishes (pizza, creoles, empanadillas) or with alittle luck a yogurt and a piece of fruit. Saving time but without being the best nutritional option.

The importance of dinner lies in the fact that it is the last meal of the day, prior to rest and the overnight fast at rest that I will establishwe sleep while we sleep.

So dinner is key to getting a quality sleep that allows us to recharge and rest.

To prepare balanced dinners it is essential that you first follow these simple tips:

1. Don't come home too hungry. Don't skip any meals. Eat breakfast, eat and snack properly.Eating properly throughout the day will result in a better workout, more physical and mental energy, a better disposition to face the stress of the day and will prevent you from throwing yourself into the fridge to impulsively eat anything at night.er thing.
2. Plan your purchases. A good diet begins with the purchase. If you fill your kitchen and freezer cabinets with a wide variety of healthy ready-to-eat foods, you are more likely to enjoyIt's a good dinner.
3. Organize your kitchen. Don't miss:

  • In your freezer: frozen vegetables (spinach, peas, broccoli, asparagus ...) lean meats, fish, seafood, whole wheat bread ... In your pantry: oat flakes, quinoa, whole wheat pasta, nuts, onion, garlic, potatoes, moniatos, spices, dehydrated mushrooms (type boletus or shitake)
  • In your fridge: salad bags (arrangea couple of them serve as a "wild card" to improvise a nutritious and fresh salad for dinner), tomatoes, eggs, carrots, hard-skinned fruits (avocados, apples, oranges ...), temphe, miso ...

4. Prepare food with anthelation. Take advantage of the weekend to prepare healthy dishes such as roast beef, baked vegetables, dishes with legumes, cooking cereals, vegetable broth ... in order to have them ready for when you get home tired and hungry after trget down or train.

And finally below 7 quick, easy and healthy dishes to prepare healthy dinners in no time:

  1. Avocado and salmon toast . We toast the whole grain bread with seeds, spread with ripe avocado, a little smoked salmon and some black sesame seeds.
  2. Carrot Tortilla. We grate a coupleof carrots and sauté them in the pan, add a couple of beaten eggs. We accompany it with a salad and we already have a delicious dish.
  3. Hummus (we put in the food processor the legumes a garlic, lime juicen, olive oil and mash). To vary we can add a roasted pepper, a cooked beet, baked pumpkin, dried tomatoes, different species such as cumin, basil, oregano ...). We accompany with crudités and wholemeal sticks.
  4. Oat flakes sautéed with vegetables. A quick and healthy side dish. Cook the rolled oats in boiling salted water for 10 minutes, drain. Sauté them in a pan with mushrooms, leek and a little curry.
  5. Sauteed cherry tomatoes. Sauté some cherry tomatoes ina pan with a little oregano and mozzarella, add it to a salad, as a garnish with meat or fish, as an accompaniment to your pasta dish.
  6. Sauteed quinoa. We clean the quinoa and boil it with a little saduring 15 minutes. We drain. Sauté it with mushrooms and shrimp tails in a frying pan.

With these examples and proposals, there is no longer an excuse to prepare a healthy dinner for each day of the week, eating varied preparations, nutritive and ideal. If you want more examples of healthy dishes, don't miss the post " Healthy Recipes ".

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale