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As healthy and fat

TC Talk 13: As healthy and fat

Mireia Cervera 15 March 2018

On March 13, our restaurant Teresa Carles Lleida, opened its doors to celebrate Teresa Talk 13: As healthy and fattening; from the hand of Dietitian-Nutritionist Anna Companys .

One of the bases of an effective dieta is to adjust the amounts ingested with the actual energy expenditure. We often gain weight by eating healthy, why we don't know how to adjust or limit the amounts we eat. In this Talk, Anna Companys , gave us the keys toeat better, less quantity and fill ourselves before being too full, to maintain a healthy weight and even lose those extra pounds in a natural way.

“I eat healthy and I don't lose weight”, this is one of the most popular conversations.s repeated among adults. What do we do wrong if we do sports and combine them with what we consider to be a healthy diet? Surely, explained Anna Companys , there are small acquired habits that we think are very healthy and very light, but, in reality they are not.

The best thing to lose weight is to eat 5 meals a day, and do not think that it is a lot, it does not mean eating until you burst at each meal, but what is necessary so that there are no fluctuations in glucose and that gives us that sensation.canine hunger ion that will not make us eat more than we need. And is that eating little does not lose weight, there comes a time when the body gets used to living with the basics and starts to spend very little.

"I eat healthy and I don't lose weight"

Another problem is the light products, without sugar or low in fat. On the supermarket shelf we find many products for people who want to take care of their diet. There are an infinity of products, but the vast majority are not usefuls to take care of neither the line, nor the health. Anna Companys , recommended eating food. Base the diet on plant-based foods and moderate processed foods, both sweet and salty.

The key to losing weight and maintaining weightis to make the decision to do it, habits must be changed forever. You should not be in a hurry and you should be realistic. It is not about following strict diets in which the food groups are limited. It involves eating vegetables, fruits, cereals, legumbres, quality proteins, oils and healthy fats. Once the recommended foods are known, you just have to combine them properly in our menus.

If you couldn't attend the event or just want to see the Talk again, enter Teresa Carles' YouTube channel where this and other talks are published.

ube.com/watch?v=PXfVJ2h3XeA&list=PLaWSKMThIWBsF4gHzzVMYg8x-I8DnZ-yk&index=4 "target =" _ blank "> Click here to see the video of the talk on Youtube

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale

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