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One-day detox, is there an effect?

One-day detox, is there an effect?

Mireia Cervera 18 April 2016
Doing a detox is a very good practice to feel lighter, to unload all the heaviness of the weekend dinners and to give your body a rest!

A detox can be of different types: a day of just water, or exclusively of fresh fruit and vegetable juices, preferably seasonal and organic. If you are afraid of going hungry you can always add a few piezas of raw fruits and vegetables or even just eating raw fruits and vegetables for a day, which is also a very good option. It is very important to take into account the physiological situation and the state of health ofthe person who wants to do a detox . If you are a teenage girl who wants to lose weight to look like Jennifer Anniston - mistake! - teenagers need to grow and need a lot of energy, that's why detox is not nIt is advisable in this situation. If you have a sports event or a few days of strong physical work, it is not advisable to do the detox a day before, and less during or just after. But for an adult who is more orless healthy and maybe have some health problems such as being overweight, high lipid levels, doing a one-day detox every now and then is advisable.

Each person and each situation is different for youJuices low in sugars, only vegetables, will be better served by others, fruit juices will go wonderfully. That is why it is advisable, especially in situations of particular health problems, to consult with a nutritionist and make a personal plan.rsonalized. Because detox is not a substitute for a balanced and healthy diet. But most of us don't eat healthy and balanced every day either, every now and then we fall into temptation and make dinner.unhealthy with friends or a large meal with family. That is why detox is the compensation to be able to reach balance. People who do always eat a healthy and balanced diet may not notice mucheffect, but you will be able to notice it if you do it regularly in the long term.

Anyway, both talking about juices and detox , I think the best thing is to try one dayOh see what effect it has on your own body. A day is not a week and taking into account the state of your health, you do not lose anything trying it!

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale