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Why are cold pressed juices better?

Mireia Cervera 14 February 2020

Cold press fruit and vegetable juices came to Spain with force to stay. What is the key to success? Its elaboration with a technique that reduces oxidation and preserves all the nutrients intact, makes these juices an option.healthy ion to complement and / or reach the 5 pieces a day of fruit and vegetables, which the WHO recommends so much, to achieve iron health.

Research has shown, actively and passively, that people whowho consume more fruit and vegetables are half as likely to suffer from cancer or other diseases related to poor lifestyle habits, than those who eat little or none. WHO recommends eating at least 5 daily servings of fresh vegetablesand fruit. Indeed, the phytochemicals found in vegetables contain the key to preventing many diseases, including cancer, cardiovascular disease, obesity, diabetes, and allergies.gias among many other pathologies. But even so, no matter how disciplined a person is, it is very difficult to eat so much fruit and vegetables every day. And this is where our rescue kit comes in to achieve your daily goal, the zumyou cold press.

Why is the cold press better? As its name indicates, cold press is the method that allows you to obtain the best juice from both fruits and vegetables. The cold press juices there is no heating, and therefore we obtain apure juice , thick, full of life and flavor, as if we were drinking directly from the fruit.

The cold press method manages to extract the juice without damaging it, maintaining all its properties, and at a very slow speed so as not to heat or oxidize the juice.

This method that has reinvented the world of juices , allows to retain practically all the vitamins, minerals and enzymes of fruits and vegetables, replacing conventional blenders that cut and centrifuge the pulp at high speed.This produces heat and causes loss, among other nutrients, of the highly valued and unstable vitamin C. In short, a technique that, according to the experts, is more effective and respectful of the ingredient.

In the development ofEach of the different cold press juices usually uses one and two kilos of fruit, resulting in a powerful injection of vitamins and minerals for our body. An incredible concentration of flavor and color !!

TheConsumption of these juices can be done as part of a detoxifying diet or not. The important thing is to eat plenty of vegetables and fruits on a regular basis. Cold press juices have become a trend, which will not be a passit was safe! And such a fashion is great as it promotes good eating practices. In any case, these types of juices, although they are very nutritious and tasty, should always be a complement to our diet and never as a substitute for a meal or a pair.to try to compensate for an inadequate diet.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale