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Cucumber and its properties

Cucumber and its properties

Mireia Cervera 05 June 2016

This month fill the refrigerator with refreshing and healthy foods like cucumbers. Very appropriate to consume in summer due to its remineralizing effect, since it is basically composed of water and minerals. Discover in this post alls health benefits, recipes and utilities of cucumber.

The cucumber is native to South Asia, and was introduced to Europe by the ancient Greeks and Romans. It has become one of the vegetables most cultivated in the world, and ranks fourth in world vegetable production, behind tomatoes, cabbage and onions.

There are many varieties of cucumber , each of them has different characteristics.rents. They vary in their shape, size, skin color or in the existence of a greater or lesser amount of freckles. All varieties can be classified into two large groups: cucumber and gherkins.

We love the Cucumber is one of the lightest vegetables due to its low content of carbohydrates andhigh proportion of water. It is very refreshing and hydrating for the body and provides fiber, folates, vitamins and minerals, especially potassium. Consume it best with skin, as it has numerous health benefits, because it is there where se they concentrate the highest percentages of plant sterols and magnesium. The first compound slows the absorption of cholesterol at the intestinal level and the second improves heart health. With skin it is also rich in fiber so it will help usrelieve digestive problems, such as heartburn or heaviness.

When we are going to buy cucumbers we must choose the specimens that are firm and that have a dark green skin, without yellowish spots. TheLarge cucumbers tend to be more bitter and have a softer texture. They last well 4 or 5 days in the refrigerator. If they are cut, they must be wrapped in plastic wrap so that they do not catch the odors of other foods, and above all they do note can be frozen, as their pulp would be very soft.

Diuretic and purifying, cucumber is ideal for summer consumption

Cucumber is summer food and, now that the heat is on, it is the essential ingredient in gazpachos, green smoothies, cold-pressed juices and summer salads.With this vegetable you can also make refreshing cold soups and spreads. As an aperitif you can serve the cucumber sticks wrapped in marinated salmon and if you want a more elaborate dish prepare cucumbers </ strong> stuffed with prawns, smoked, hummus ... or simply; Grate cucumber (drain well) add to a coconut yogurt, garlic, olive oil and salt and you will have in a minute a delicious cream to dip.

The pePine is also ideal for the beauty and health of our body. If you have dark circles and swelling due to insomnia, just apply a few cold slices of cucumber to the area and let them act for about 15 minutes. The change isIt will be spectacular !!

Although it can be found in the market all year round, like watermelon , melon, tomato,oxidants "target =" _ blank "> bell pepper and cherries , now the cucumber is when it is at its best because it is-de-season "target =" _ blank "> season . Fill the refrigerator with refreshing and healthy foods, but above all, do not miss the cucumber, since consuming it during hot summer days will help us stay hydratedtwo, wear a skin of envy and better withstand the inclemencies of summer.

In our juices you can also enjoy the beneficial properties of cucumber, including:ox.html" target="_blank">Detox, Energy Boost, Green Medicine, Green Love, Greenpacho and Teresa's gazpacho .

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale