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Child nutrition. Adam Martin

Talk 6: Child nutrition. Adam Martin

Mireia Cervera 15 September 2016

He also reassured viewers: “We can relax on some things, especially when it is impossible to find healthy foods, such as at birthday parties. We do not need to stress our children by forbiddingeat what your friends eat; We already make up for it the rest of the days at home with a healthy diet. If they eat well the rest of the time, let them make the exception! ”. There is nothing worse than passing on to our children an unhealthy preoccupation.I heard the food. We have to give them information, be their example and relax from time to time ”.

He cited someone he admires several times; Michael Pollan, who like him, is a famous nutrition expert journalist who says: "You have toeat more vegetables and less animal products, eat less and eat food. "

"One of the main problems of the western diet, apart from the excessive consumption of saturated fats and simple sugars, is the excess of proteinto animal ", commented Adam Martín ." It is true that creatures have slightly higher protein requirements than adults, but we tend to make the mistake of considering that the only source of protein is la of animal origin. But the reality is not this. A combination of cereals with legumes provides us with protein of high biological value as well as an organic egg, dried fruit and foods such as soy, tofu or tempeh ... "

Once the talk was over and after the question session, as always, an ideal menu for children was served as a tasting: rice spaghetti with quinoa and parmesan meatball and a chocolate vegetable drink (Cashew Choco Shake). Aonce again it is shown that eating healthy is not incompatible with organoleptic pleasure.

If you couldn't attend the event or just want to see the talk again YouTube channel , where we are publishing all the Talks.

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Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale