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Chard properties

Chard properties

Mireia Cervera 15 February 2017

Chard is a plant with outstanding nutritional and medicinal properties. Although we can find them all year round in the market, the best time to consume chard is in autumn and winter. Discover in this post its origins, curiosityes and nutritional properties.

Its history dates back to the mythical hanging gardens of Babylon and, more recently, there are testimonies of its consumption in ancient Greece. Its cultivation is traditional in the regions costYou were from Europe and North Africa, bathed by the Mediterranean Sea, and endowed with a temperate climate. in the Iberian Peninsula, the cultivation of this vegetable extends to most regions. Catalonia and Valencia stand out as the main communitiess production companies.

It is a herbaceous plant of the Chenopodiaceae family, made up of white stems, called stalks, and bright green leaves. The number of cultivated varieties is very small. Its classification is established based on color, the size of its leaves and stalks. The most well-known and appreciated varieties of chard are the Yellow of Lyon (the most commercialized) and the green with white stalk Bressane. Its best season and best time of consumption occurs in Octoberudder to April, although we can actually consume them throughout the year.

Nutritional properties of chard

It is one of the healthiest and lightest vegetables. It is a food rich in vitamins, mineral salts and fiber. Its content in vitamins A, C and K. The first two with antioxidant action and the last one, a fat-soluble vitamin.It is essential for blood clotting. In terms of minerals, it is worth highlighting magnesium, which helps us maintain a healthy intestine, favors intestinal transit, strengthens bones and teeth and makes our muscles function.ar correctly. Its calcium content also stands out, for which chard should be a food to include regularly in the diet of the elderly, pregnant women, growing children and athletes. It is important to reRemember that people with a tendency to get calcium oxalate kidney stones should consume them in moderation. And finally, its excellent supply of fiber that favors intestinal transit, prevents constipation, regulates cholesterol and depura the intestine.

In the market

In the market you can find fresh chard in bunches all year round. Choose chard with fresh, tender and intact leaves. Its color must be uniform and its stalk hard. ANDIt is a very perishable vegetable, so it should be consumed in the shortest period of time. If we keep it in the fridge in a plastic bag we can extend its conservation for a few more days.

In the kitchen
Although they are usually consumed boiled, there are other ways to prepare them making them a little less monotonous and somewhat more palatable. They are vegetables suitable to include in soups and purees and they are also very good in guiYou are accompanying legumes such as beans or chickpeas. The young leaves can be eaten raw in a salad, thus taking advantage of all its nutritional properties.

Take advantage of what it is

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale