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Hangover, what can I do?

Hangover, what can I do?

Mireia Cervera 20 June 2017

After a weekend full of partying, the classic symptoms appear; headache, nausea, thirst, and dizziness. Discover how to alleviate or avoid annoying hangover with the guidelines that we share with you to recover before and, what the effectsdon't be so devastating.

What happens to your body when you drink alcohol?
When you drink, your stomach absorbs 20% of the alcohol in your drink, but most of it passes into the intestine, from where it is sent to the liver.do so that it is metabolized.

Alcohol is toxic, but your body knows what to do with it , because even if you don't drink, at each meal two or three grams of alcohol are produced by the fermentation of food. The livers breaks down into harmless compounds that are excreted in the urine.

But the liver has a limit, it can only process one drink per hour. Have you had a little more to drink? Well, the leftover alcohol stays circulating in yourblood, and affects all your organs, especially your brain. That is why it is difficult for you to speak and you dance like a dizzy duck.

Although scientists are not yet 100 percent sure what causes hangover symptoms, there are quite a fews clues.

What Causes All These Symptoms?

  • Alcohol dehydrates us and increases the amount of urine that the body produces.
  • The dry mouth and persistent thirst are due to the diuretic effect already mentioned.
  • <li> The stomach is irritated by generating acidic substances that cause nausea and heartburn that we can feel during hangover hours.
  • Excess alcohol lowers blood sugar levels and makes us feel hungry,weak and sick.
  • The toxic products of the degradation of alcohol in our body and dehydration cause the typical headache, which is more intense if the alcohol is not of good quality.

Basic tips to reduce the effects of a hangover:

  • Eat in a balanced way before.
  • Do not mix different alcoholic beverages, if we do it the day after the hangover will be greater.
  • Interspersed drinknon-alcoholic drinks with the glasses and drink large amounts of water at the end of the night. Drink at least as much water as alcoholic beverages (a glass of wine, a glass of water).
  • Eating carbohydrates can slow the drop in sugar.

    The only and most effective solution to avoid a hangover and its undesirable effects is not to drink or drink too little.

    Tips to alleviate hangover symptoms:

    • It is very important to hydrate ourselves to accelerate the detoxification process. We have a special juice and pack for it, theeekend-party-recovery.html "> Party Recovery, which has the added advantage that it provides us with vitamins and minerals from vegetables and fruits to recover in a natural and healthy way.
    • Food should be soft and low in fat.handle that they do not irritate the gastric mucosa and avoid excesses so that the liver does not have to work a lot.
    • Sleeping a little more than usual is also a good way to improve symptoms. since you will allow the organism to finish de recover from excesses.
    • Warm showers throughout the day can help ease general discomfort.

    BUT REMEMBER: Alcohol is toxic to our body. The only and most effective solutionOne way to avoid a hangover and its undesirable effects is not to drink or drink too little. It should be drunk at a rate that the alcohol does not accumulate in the body causing the symptoms of intoxication.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale