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How to improve female hormonal health?

How to improve female hormonal health?

Mireia Cervera 06 April 2021

Menstrual cramps, inflammation, weight gain or loss, mood swings ... Do you recognize these symptoms? So it is very possible that you have a hormonal imbalance. Women's health depends on a dance of hormones; food andExercise is key to taking care of our hormonal health. In this post we discover the food that our body needs to enjoy a good balance.

In our current society women experience more stressYes, we are exposed to pollution, we eat worse, we lead sedentary lives and we get little rest. In short, a reality that leads to worse hormonal health. When hormones get out of balance (too much or too little) they can cause problems withWeight gain or loss, infertility, mood swings, inflammation, chronic pain, among other problems. Fortunately, a healthy lifestyle and a nutritious diet can help improve our hormonal health.

Good gut health is key to good hormonal balance.

Including these foods in your regular diet will help you regulate hormonal balance:

  • Omega-3: this nutrient is not synthesized by the body and, however, is very important for the metabolism of female hormones.nas, facilitating their transport through the bloodstream to the places in the body that need them. We find it in: walnuts , oily fish , flax seeds, chia ... Avocado: rich in vitamin C, vitamin B6, folic acid, phytosterols and oleic acid, all of them essential ingredients to improve hormonal health. As different research shows, it is better to eat it togetheror with salads, mixed with various fruits and vegetables and dressed with extra virgin olive oil , since then we will have a better assimilation and bioavailability of its beneficial polyphenols.
  • Probioticos: the gut microbiota regulates our hormone levels, and therefore good gut health will be key to a good hormonal balance. It has been shown that a greater microbial diversity in our intestine causes a betteror hormonal health. To promote the diversity of our intestinal flora, the intake of probiotics through fermented foods such as: miso , kombucha , kimchi , tempeh , is key.
  • Salvia: this typical shrub of the Mediterranean basin, thanks to its essential oils, has proven to be a great ally of female hormonal well-being. Contains plant sterols whose action isRogenic helps regulate the menstrual cycle, while relieving menstrual cramps and cramps and promoting female hormonal balance.
  • Cruciferous: women who eat a diet rich inCruciferous vegetables (kale, broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage ...) have, in general, better hormonal balance, thanks to a phytochemical found in these vegetables. This phytochemical (DIM) helps the body detoxify excess estrogens that pThey can cause hormonal problems such as polycystic ovary syndrome and endometriosis.

In addition to a healthy diet , getting enough sleep , maintaining low stress levelsand exercising regularly are crucial to a woman's hormonal balance.

Therefore, for general good health it is essential to seek a healthy lifestyle: eat well, exercise,scansar what we need and know how to manage our emotions. Thus, and despite the fact that the current environment pushes us to have harmful habits (eating processed foods, being sedentary, not getting enough rest, being stressed ...), it is our responsibility.It is our responsibility to take care of ourselves and make our body work as well as possible.


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Improve your hormonal health
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