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Olive oil and cardiovascular health. Maria isabel covas

Talk 7: Olive oil and cardiovascular health. Maria isabel covas

Mireia Cervera 20 October 2016

Once again, on October 18, our Ramon Barri Auditorium opened its doors to celebrate our Flax & Kale 7 by the hand of Doctor in Biochemistry Maria Isabel Covas, specialist in Mediterranean Diet and olive oil as
Olive oil is a product widely used in gastronomy por its mild flavor and its multiple health properties. This product has been a source of research for many years and many benefits are currently known to it. Several epidemiological and experimental studies coordinated by theDr. Covas, have linked the ingestion of olive oil, abundant in the Mediterranean diet, with a low incidence of cardiovascular disease.

That is why, once again, the auditorium has been filled to learn the secrets dand "eternal youth" of the jewel of the Mediterranean Diet at the hands of the doctor.

"More than half of the European population and the majority of industrialized countries have a cholesterol level that is too high and the consequences aredramatic: according to the WHO, cardiovascular diseases are the leading cause of death in developed countries, "explained Dr. Maribel.

According to the expert, through many years of research, it can be safely stated that olive oil delays chronic diseases and increases quality of life . "In relation to cardiovascular diseases theVirgin olive oil improves "lipid profile", blood pressure, glucose metabolism and antithrombotic profile! In addition, it contains antioxidants and other anti-inflammatory nutrients that could reduce bad cholesterol levels,fight free radicals and prevent premature aging. "

Although we almost always refer to olive oils in a generic way, it is actually very important that it be virgin and / or extra virgin. Since your wealth depends on thisin phenolic compounds, which are very complex chemical compounds, which contribute greatly to the organoleptic quality of the oil as well as its stability. The composition of phenolic compounds depends on the production technology of the aceite, of the olive variety, of the growth / maturation phase of the fruit. The more refined the less phenolic compounds. Thus, as Dr. Maria Isabel Covas says: " Quality matters, and a lot. Virgin olive oilsthey have a high antioxidant capacity that they lose when they are refined. "

Once the talk was over and after the question session, as always, a typical menu of the Mediterranean Diet was served as a tasting where noI miss the protagonist of the talk: salmorejo with olive oil ice cream and olive oil sponge cake. Once again it is shown that eating healthy is not incompatible with organoleptic pleasure.

If you could not attend the event or simpleIf you want to see the Talk again, go to Teresa Carles' YouTube channel where this and other talks are published.

Click here to see the video of the talk on Youtube

And finally I do not walkrdas the next Talk, on November 22, by the hand of Carlos Pérez, about the Paleodieta.

Talk 7
Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale