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Post-Christmas food

TC Talk 1: Post-Christmas food

Mireia Cervera 24 February 2017

"Life gives you back what you give it." Teresa Carles began her love affair with healthy vegetarian cuisine in Lleida 37 years ago and, as going back to the origins is always a step forward, we replicate the format of the successful Flax & Kale Talks from Barcelona in our restaurant in Lleida with the name of Teresa Carles's Talks. Once again, we not only want to show you that organoleptic pleasure is not at odds with health, but also, and above all, we want to transfer youall our knowledge about nutrition and healthy lifestyle so that you are happier and you can live many years with iron health.

On January 24, our Teresa Carles Lleida restaurant opened its doors to celebrate the Anna Companys .

Gaining kilos at Christmas is a tradition as ingrained as compGive gifts or decorate trees. After the excesses of the Christmas season, it's time to return to the routine and our usual size. Anna Companys explained to us, through a casual but rigorous talk, the exact guidelinestass to achieve it without overwhelming us and eating healthily.

Often, we confuse a healthy diet with a balanced diet and it is not the same; the speaker began. We can find a very healthy diet (eating foods good for health) that are very unbalanced (we consume them completelymessy causing discomfort or health problems). The secret is in knowing how to organize food for a good diet in order to improve our health and quality of life.

Anna Companys exploited usHe also said that the basis for losing weight is a balanced diet with all the food groups, but with a prevalence of fruits and vegetables over fats, sugars and salt. It is very important not to forget even one of the five meals of the day.

According to Anna, we must make light and balanced meals, not overuse sauces, fried foods, industrial pastries, refined sugars ... in order to reduce the total caloric intake. Drink water (at least liter to liter and a half), alone or withCloth of lemon drops or infusions and avoid sugary drinks, as well as alcohol. We must prepare low-fat dishes, prioritizing baking, stews, steam and papillot. Reduce the garnishes with French fries and accompanyr with greens or greens. If we introduce at the beginning of the meal, a plate with salad or vegetables, we will have a less energetic dish and it will help us digest the main dish better, while it will be much more balanced.

Forfinish Anna Companys emphasized the importance of stopping dieting, as these are temporary and do not work in the long term. What we must do is eat in a healthy and balanced way always. This and only this, is the secret to keeping the line.

If you couldn't attend the event or just want to see the talk again, don't miss our YouTube channel, where we are goings publishing all Talks.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale