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9 Tips to lose weight and keep it off

9 Tips to lose weight and keep it off

Mireia Cervera 12 January 2017

After the Three Kings we have already left the most complicated dates behind, so there is no excuse to start today to get rid of the kilos gained during these Christmas dates. Losing weight is 50% of the effort but there is still a50% more to keep it for life. Discover in this post all the tricks to carry it out without despairing.

1. It is forbidden to go hungry. Never ever skip meals.

Hunger is a primal drive that is hard to deny (and to control). Nobody feels good if they stop eating, that only leads to an eating disorder.start or feel bad.

So don't wait until you feel "starved" to eat any food. You will lose portion control and abuse. Chop up a healthy food (a piece of fruit, a zanahoria, a handful of nuts).

2. Eat more, but better.

There are studies that affirm that eating more, but of better quality , helps to maintain a feeling of fullness more prelongated.

As an example, an industrial donut provides the same calories as an apple and a cup of strawberries. As we can imagine, the amount of nutrients in the fruit is much higher, providing us with more vitamins, minerals and phytoq.uimics per calorie. Because we can only "afford" a certain number of calories each day to maintain a healthy weight, it makes sense to maximize the nutrients we get for each calorie we consume.

g> 3. When we eat is as important to health as what we eat.

We must accustom our body to strict meal times. An investigation carried out in thel-metabolism / fulltext / S1550-4131 (12) 00189-1 # http: //www.cell.com/cell-metabolism/abstract/S1550-4131%252812%252900189-1 "> Salk Institute in California reached the conclusion that having regular meal times allows the body to predictDetermine when to eat in a way that synchronizes the digestive system preparing it to process food.

4. Chew your snacks a lot to lose weight.

The feeling of fullness does not appear immediately, but after 20 minutes, so if you eat quickly you will surely eat more than you need, but if you chewDoing it slowly and conscientiously, your brain will warn that your stomach is full before it's too late. And is that digestion begins with the mouth. According27928114 "> expert studies, people who chew each bite 40 times are 12 percent less overweight than those who only chew each bite 15 times.

5. A good salad as a first course.
If during the first 20 minutes, you start with a large salad and also chew the bites a lot, as we have already said, when the main dish comes, you will settle for half the meal and you will get into your nutrient bodys high quality.

6. Out of your sight, out of your mind.

Surround yourself with healthy foods. Surely more than once when you open your pantry to see a box of cookies or a bar of chocolate, tburn or sooner you can pounce on one, the other or both temptations at the same time. If you surround yourself with healthy foods, you are only going to snack on these. A tomato juice, some vegetable crudités or a fruit are the best option to avoid the feeling of hunger.re voracious that makes us itch and overdo it.

7. If you eat out, choose the restaurant carefully.

Eat as much as possible at home or in a healthy restaurant like ours. If it is not possible, you can order two first or just half a menu. The firsts dishes usually include lower calorie foods, such as vegetables or salads. If you opt for a fish or meat, make sure it is grilled and avoid accompaniments such as French fries (you can also ask to change them for cooking).days or grilled vegetables). For dessert, a piece of fruit or a skimmed milk.

8. Don't forget the exercise.

There are many people who, once they have met their goal of losing weight, stopto practice physical exercise. This is a serious mistake, since exercise should not be seen as a way to reduce weight, but rather to enjoy good health. Therefore, continue to practice physical exercise.

9.Enjoy the weekend without going overboard.

Sure, we can indulge ourselves on the weekend. But without overdoing it. Overcoming the limits by consuming excessively unhealthy foods can spoil all the work ofweek. Apply the 80-20 rule.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale