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*New*  Original Creamy Cheese
*New* Original Creamy Cheese
  • Principal ingredient: almond drink
*New*  Original Creamy Cheese
*New*  Original Creamy Cheese
Plant-based cheese

*New* Original Creamy Cheese

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  • Principal ingredient: almond drink
    • almond drink (water, 15% almond paste, 8% almond protein), vegetable fibers, shea butter, salt, flavourings, seaweed (Gracilaria verrucosa), vitamin D and calcium (citrate).
  • Energetic value 597 kJ / 142 kxal
    Fats 10,4 g de las cuales saturadas 1,2 g / de las cuales monoinsaturadas 5,4 g / de las cuales poliinsaturadas 2 g
    Of which saturates 1,2
    Carbohydrates 5,2
    Of which sugar 2,8
    Protein 7
    Fiber 3,2
    Salt 1
    • 125g Plant-based cheese

Plant-based cheesecake recipe

This holidays, our chefs have prepared this amazing and super easy recipe for you.

see recipe


After much research, our R&D team has developed a range of plant-based products that taste like cheese, melt like cheese, but contain only plant-based ingredients. Made with nuts and plant-based protein, our sliced cheeses are an excellent alternative to dairy cheese.


Our creamy has come to prove that it is possible to enjoy all the creaminess of a traditional spread, but without any guilty. Apart from having an exceptional flavour and texture, it is a source of plant-based protein. And the best part, it has almost half the calories of its dairy version. Go ahead and add an extra creamy layer of joy to your toasts and recipes!

Keep refrigerated between 0°C and +4°C.