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Bacoco strips
Bacoco strips
  • young coconut
  • soy sauce
  • nutritional yeast

Out of stock

Bacoco strips
Bacoco strips
Dried Fruits

Bacoco strips

4 over a maximum of 5 42 Reviews
  • Antioxidant
  • Energetic
  • satiating
  • young coconut
  • soy sauce
  • nutritional yeast

Out of stock

Out of stock

    • young coconut
    • soy sauce
    • extra virgin olive oil
    • nutritional yeast
    • smoke scent
  • Rating per 100 grams
    Energetic value 1608 kJ/ 385 Kcal
    Fats 23,8 g
    Of which saturates 15,9 g
    Carbohydrates 34,4 g
    Of which sugar 13,8 g
    Protein 8 g
    Fiber 21,8 g
    Salt 1,4 g
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    • Store in a cool and dry place
    • Once opened consume in a few days

Our client's reviews

42 Reviews verified

  • 04-05-2022 Sara 5.00 over a maximum of 5

    Madre mía, me encanta esto!

  • 07-02-2022 Laia 5.00 over a maximum of 5

    Força bons.

  • 21-01-2022 Carla 5.00 over a maximum of 5

    A mi no me recuerdan a bacón, pero son un vicio y está delicioso.

  • 08-09-2021 Saioa 5.00 over a maximum of 5

    Un vicio! Bacon puro!

Dried fruits

Bacoco Strips

We present you one of the most realistic illusions that our R+D team has created. Thin slices of coconut cooked at low temperature and smoked to perfection. You'll swear they're bacon! An excellent healthy alternative, 100% vegetable and kind with the planet.

Naturally rich in fiber and medium chain saturated fats, which makes them very beneficial for health. Take them with you everywhere and snack in a very healthy way !

Not fried!

We never fry our products and our Bacoco Strips are no exception. They go through a dehydration process in which we only extract the water from the coconut by heat, thus maintaining the nutrients, proteins, carbohydrates, grahealthy sas, minerals, trace elements and vitamins. Also, by concentrating, the flavors intensify. In this way, we avoid the high fat content of fried snacks that promote overweight and cardiovascular diseases..

Some components of coconut and soy, such as vitamins C and E, provide this young coconut 'bacon ' with antioxidant characteristics, which help us prevent aging and the formation of free radicals.

Coconut is a food very rich in medium chain saturated fat, which is easily digestible and beneficial for health. This makes it a very energetic food. In addition, when combined with the fiber, its absorption is delayed and therefore prolonga its energetic action in our body.

The healthy fat in coconut slows the rise in blood sugar, improves insulin secretion and glucose utilization. In this way, it helps us reduce possible cravings.

Coconut is a food rich in lauric acid, a type of fat that helps to strengthen our immune system, favoring and helping to eliminate bacteria, fungi and viruses. In addition, nutritional yeast also has antiviral properties.rales and antibacterial.



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