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The Flexitarian High Five! (5 meals + 5 juices)

The Flexitarian High Five! (5 meals + 5 juices)

Solve your week with the now flexitarian version of your weekly menu, with wild Alaskan salmon, ready to heat up and enjoy! Eating healthy has never been so deliciously easy.
The pack includes 5 dishes + 5 juices.

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High five!
flexitarian pack

The flexitarian version of our weekly High Five pack! And what does that mean? Well, 80% of the dishes are plant-based and the remaining 20% contain blue fish. If you have ever been to one of our restaurants, surelythat formula sounds familiar to you.

With this pack you will eat healthy every day. Easier, impossible! We cook for you, so that you eat nutritious, delicious and balanced and do not have to worry about anything. Because we know that everything you eat rIt affects your well-being, your health and your happiness.

Dishes and menus supervised by our team of nutritionists and prepared by our chefs, always guaranteeing flavor, quality and nutritional value. The ideal choice for when you have not hthere is time to cook. Heat up and ready to enjoy! At home or at work.

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wild Alaskan salmon from sustainably fished

Our wild Alaskan salmon comes from the healthiest salmon populations on the planet. The intense orange color of its meat is due to the algae with which it feeds. These algae are naturally present in rivers and oceans donThey live, and they are rich in astaxanthin, a healthy molecule for them and for us.


Try our cannelloni without dairy or meat, but more delicious than any other. With the advantage that they are totally vegetable, which makes them lighter than traditional cannelloni. No need to wait for the weekend to make extra, you can eat them without remorse. Accompanied by our GREEN LOVE green juice for an extra injection of nutrients.

Miso soup and sautéed legumes with caramelized onion.

Our latest addition of ready meals, a vegetable lasagna that will leave no one indifferent (not even the most carnivorous). It has no cheese, no meat, but it is extremely delicious. And as a garnish, our cold pressed juice VIRUS KILLER, full of nutrients to toast to health!

Pumpkin cream with garlic mushroom topping and aubergine and garlic omelette.

The typical Thai national dish made with plant-based chicken, that is characterized by preserving all the intensity and flavor that has the original recipe. A very comforting, nutritious and protein-rich dish accompanied by ourzumo FOREVER YOUNG.

Sourdough wholemeal bread sandwich with arugula, sundried tomato in oil, sautéed portobello mushrooms and legume hummus

Salmon is an oily fish rich in healthy omega 3 fats, which if you combine it with quinoa and sautéed vegetables, the result is a perfect dish to include in any meal. Accompanied by our VEGAN VAMPIRE for an energy boost.

Vegetable broth and artichokes sautéed with broken eggs.

A delicious and above all healthy recipe! A very complete dish rich in fiber that will satiate you for the following hours. Accompanied by our BLUE DIAMOND energy-rich blue juice.

Baby spinach salad, quinoa, mango, chopped toasted hazelnuts and date vinaigrette.

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