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Are you Flexiterian? What is a Flexiterian diet?

Are you Flexiterian? What is a Flexiterian diet?

Mireia Cervera 16 June 2016

Vegetarian, vegan, ovolacteoegetarian, raw ... and now flexiterian !! What is this food trend that is gradually taking hold? In this post we reveal all its secrets so that you can be a 100% Flexiterian.

The word flexiteriano comes from the union of the terms flexible + vegetarian. It has been used since 1992, we owe it to the journalist Linda Antony, who wrote an article in the magazine "Austin AmericanStatesman "about a restaurant that produced a creative cuisine based mainly on vegetables, cereals and legumes, although with a slight presence of products of animal origin. Thus, the term refers to those people who basetheir diet is a vegetarian diet, but occasionally, for various reasons, they consume some products of animal origin: seafood, fish, poultry, meats, cheeses and eggs. A Flexiterian may only be at homecook vegetarian dishes, but eat dishes that contain meat and / or fish at the home of friends or family. Above all, a Flexiterian should start from a vegetarian diet and consume animal products less frequently. I will comeTo be a vegetarian diet in approximately 80% and based on animal protein in the remaining percentage.

In fact, this diet does not differ so much from that of our grandparents, that is, it is a diet rich in cereals, vegetables, fruits and legumes.mbres, where meat and fish were scarce and had to be dosed for the whole year, so it was eaten occasionally and in small quantities.

It is the diet of the future since it does so by betting on flexibility and common sense, without dogmatism. It is suitable for everyone: adults, adolescents, children, athletes ... it is a model of healthy life. It is simply to stop consuming so much proteinAnimal food, it is no secret that a diet rich in foods of animal origin is unbalanced, makes us sick and is not sustainable. It is the ideal diet for the prevention of different chronic diseases.

With the cholesterol , less sodium and refined sugarsados. But more complex carbohydrates, fiber, antioxidants, vitamins, minerals, healthy fats type Omega 3 are ingested. In short, the flexiterian diet can provide benefits similar to the vegetarian one in termsweight and cardiovascular health, as well as in the prevention of diseases such as diabetes and cancer.

In fact a flexiterian plate does not differ much from the "Healthy Plate". Fruits and vegetables are the protagonists, they have to occupy half of the plate. The rest of the plate should contain 1/4 of the whole grains and 1/4 of the plate of lean protein. The protein can be meat, fish, but also proteins of plant origin such as legumes, toffeeu, tempeh, quinoa ...

Flexiterian type menu:

Healthy bowl



  • First course: Green leafy salad and raw vegetables, with seeds dressed withen / olive-oil-properties "target =" _ blank "> olive oil , nutritional yeast and sea salt.
  • Second course: Steamed salmon with brown rice garnish.
  • Dessert: Coconut Yogurt or Digestive Infusion. </ li>

Afternoon snack:


  • vegetables cream
  • Quinoa sauteed con shitake mushrooms

If you want to know more about Flexiterian cuisine , don't miss our Flexiterian restaurant Flax & Kale , and enjoya of their Kale salad, the delicious vegan lasagna, the mini salmon burgers and their exquisite desserts.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale