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7 Proven Benefits of Eating Oats

7 Proven Benefits of Eating Oats

Mireia Cervera 15 June 2017

Benefits of consuming oats: Few foods are as healthy as oats . The FDA (US Food and Drug Administration) says that it is one of the healthiest foods we can find, asource of energy and vitality that we should include daily in our diet. In addition, various studies carried out on it tell us that it has ideal properties to take care of our body. Discover them in this post.

7 Proven Benefits of Eating Oatmeal:

1. Improves intestinal transit
We are hardly going to find such an effective food to combat intestinal problems. Its richness in soluble fiber, specifically beta-glucans, makes it the ideal cereal to keepr in good condition the intestinal flora avoiding constipation and helping intestinal transit. S071775182014000400014 & script = sci_arttext & tlng = pt

2. Lowers cholesterol levels
One of the most important therapeutic contributions of oats is that it can reduce the level of cholesterol inblood. Beta-glucans, thanks to their viscosity, favor the elimination of cholesterol from the diet as it passes through the intestine.

3. Control blood sugar levels.
Like other cereals, oats are composed, for the most part, of complex carbohydrates, of slow absorption, that is, of the goodand necessary. This is excellent news for those with diabetes. And it is that, due to its characteristics, the consumption of oats, helps in the control of glycemia. The high fiber content of this cereal makes digestion slower andabsorption of carbohydrates into the bloodstream as well, thus avoiding sudden fluctuations in blood sugar levels.

4. Reduces the risk of cancer
According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, whole grain foods, including oats, could help reduce the risk ofcolon cancer development.

5. Slimming
It has slimming properties thanks to the fact that it stimulates diuresis and generates a feeling of satiety due to its high fiber content.

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6. Powerful antioxidant
Thanks to its content of phenolic compounds, vitamin E, folic acid and flavonoides, all of them with antioxidant properties, help prevent cardiovascular diseases, and prevent premature aging of our cells.

7. Improves the immune system
This cereal has the property of increasing the immune response against some bacterial infections.Again, those responsible are beta-glucans, which help immune cells to locate the source of infection, thus killing off the causative bacteria.

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Make oats your ally for iron health. Thanks to its versatility and the great variety of products derived from oats , the culinary possibilities it offers us are multiplied.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale