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Detox Cleanse plans

Fat burn detox *Bestseller*

Do you want to lose those extra pounds? This plan will help you achieve your goals while saying goodbye to the toxins in your body. Endorsed by our team of nutritionists.

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Total: 88,50€

Total: 147,50€

Energy Boost Detox

Do you lack energy? Do you feel tired? Do you want to gain vitality? This juice plan packed with minerals and vitamins is for you!


Total: 27,90€


Total: 85,90€


Total: 143,90€

Reboot Detox

Do you feel the need to do a reset of your body, like when you restart the computer because it has been overloaded? Let our Reboot plan reboot you!

Total: 29,50€

Total: 88,50€

Total: 147,50€

Detox Pro

If detox plans have become part of your regular diet and you are looking to increase the level, this is your plan.

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Total: 136,99€

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Detox Pre-Event

Has the countdown started for that event you've been waiting for so long? This is the plan to be radiant!

Total: 29,50€

Total: 88,50€

Total: 147,50€

My First Detox

Your first time? Welcome! This plan is designed for you.


Total: 27,90€


Total: 85,90€

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Before starting...

Most toxins and external radical agents that end up entering our body do so through the food we eat, the polluted smoke that we breathe and even the high levels of stress that we suffer and that end up ggenerating substances that are harmful to our body.

When we substitute our usual diet for the consumption of cold-pressed juices, we are able to feed our organism with liquids with a very high nutritional value, rich in vitamins.inas, minerals, live enzymes and other types of micronutrients and, in addition, we allow our digestive system to rest for several days, thus allowing it to eliminate all these undesirable toxic substances. The wonderful human body presentedto an innate ability to detoxify our body. We simply have to be very clear about the key to press to speed up and improve the process.

But in addition to the clear benefits in terms of cleane start of your body, following a cleansing diet with our juices can serve as a starting point for a weight loss program, to regain the feeling of lost energy and vitality or simply as a turning point for eating.Enzo for a healthier way of life in which you will feel lighter, with a youthful appearance and with highly pleasant digestions.

Cheer up!

Cold-pressed juices are juices made by cold extraction. This process consists of two phases: in the first, the ingredients are crushed at low revolutions; in the second, the product is introduced into some meshes and these are pressedThis will extract the last drop of liquid. Do you know the method of making olive oil? Well, it is exactly the same.

A detox plan consists of replacing the intake of any type of solid food for a certain period of time with a series of fruit, vegetable and superfood juices, made using the healthiest and most cold extraction technology.natural that exists (cold-pressed juicing).

Make sure to check the delivery days , how to keep the juices, when to drink them ...

It is highly recommended to practice low intensity exercise such as yoga, pilates, light cardio workout to help the detoxification process and to improve blood circulation. Sweating will help you eliminate more toxins from your body and will make you feel better.

DETOX plans can be done periodically depending on the needs of each one. Doing a DETOX once a month or every 2 or 3 months is ideal to renew your body and mind and acquire healthy habits. In case of Intermitent fasting or 2-DAY reset plans, can be done more frequently , even once a week to follow a healthy lifestyle

The juices will come closed in an isothermal box with cold accumulators that will allow us to send the product to you at the ideal temperature. Once you receive the juices, the first thing you have to do is place them in the coldest part of the snow.it was (never at the door!). Our juices are as pure as the natural fruits and vegetables that compose them and, for that reason, their expiration date is very limited. Open juice, finished juice ASAP!

Our plans are the most complete on the market and will help you overcome any possible barrier… Why?

They have been extensively tested before launch by dozens of consumers and, based on all this feedback ,have been improved.

Since you have decided to only drink juices for the next 1, 3 or 5 days, make sure that in addition to purifying yourself, you are going to enjoy the process. Flax & Kale juices are the richest you will find!in the market!

They have been developed by expert nutritionists with the needs of all types of people in mind.

And, in case you have doubts or concerns during the process, we put at your disposal several ways of cocommunication to speak directly to our team of expert nutritional coaches.

Now all Detox Plans are delivered in one part.
Please note that:

- Deliveries are made throughout the day, the delivery time depends exclusively on the courier company. To PIn order to comply with the schedule of the plan, you must start the day after receiving the first box.

- We deliver from Tuesday to Friday working days.

Detox cleansing plans
Are you ready?

Detox cleansing plans

A detox plan or diet will help you cleanse your body in a healthy way. Are you looking to lose those extra pounds? Do you feel lack of energy lately? Do you feel the need to reset your body, like you restart your computer when it's overloaded? Choose your goal and start your plan!

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