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This is us

This is us

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Our history Our history

Our history

It all started in paradise ...

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Innovation Innovation


With each creation a new challenge arises

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Sustainability Sustainability


"We have not known any other way of doing things"

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"Thinking about the future, we are excited about everything we can do beyond: train, spread and share knowledge, be promoters of a new movement. A paradigm shift is coming. To make this possible, food will be a key pillar."

Family Barri Carles
Our blog Our blog
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Our blog

To promote health through healthy and sustainable food, at Flax & Kale we have specialists in the field and we share all the knowledge with you.

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Eat better
Be happier
Live longer

Eat well and the world will thank you.

Because everything you eat affects your well-being, your health and your happiness. And this is good. But you also help take care of our environment. And that's even better.

With this idea in mind, we opened our first restaurant in 1979. Now, 40 years later, the idea is more alive than ever. We have the experience, innovation, technology and creativity to promote a paradigm shift that will change the way people live forever.

Now with our own production center we are capable to take our range of tasty, healthy and sustainable food even further, even to your home. Thus, we want to help people improve their lifestyle and take control of their destiny.

"arrival in Madrid of the most 'healthy' and sustainable restaurant in Barcelona" Vogue
"Flax & Kale is the most in and aims well up." The world
"The kitchen arrives with products to lead a healthier life" Vanity El Confidential
"Healthy food no longer has anything to do with gastronomic sadness." The newspaper
"Healthy restaurants to take care of yourself outside the home too." Hola.com
"It is impossible to go to the Flax & Kale and not fall in love there." Lecool Barcelona
"Its delicious eco friendly menu serves all kinds of delicacies." Travel Luxury
"They offer incredible flavors and take care of the planet." Cosmopolitan