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The Foundation The Foundation

The Foundation

The Ramon Barri Foundation, established in early 2023, has as its main objective to research, disseminate, and improve the relationship between food and human health, as well as its environmental and social impact.

Who is Ramon Barri? Who is Ramon Barri?

Who is Ramon Barri?

Ramon Barri was the founder of the Teresa Carles - Flax & Kale group. Since 1979, when he opened the first vegetarian restaurant in Catalonia together with his wife Teresa Carles, he actively worked to promote a plant-based and natural healthy diet. He was highly visionary and always remained true to what he believed was the best food for people and the planet. Throughout his journey, he helped break many preconceptions and demonstrated through his restaurants that eating healthily can be a pleasurable experience.

Our projects Our projects

Our projects

Our first project is the publication of the book "What Can You Eat to Have Superpowers? Learn to Feed Yourself to Grow Healthy and Happy," in collaboration with specialists in illustration, design, nutrition, physical education, and the Teresa Carles – Flax & Kale team.

This book, specially designed for children aged 7 to 12, aims to promote healthy eating in a fun and educational way. Through its pages, children will discover the importance of eating healthily and learn about the superpowers that food provides them.

Download the book here (only available in spanish)

"Peace begins in the heart of every human being and, life, is the greatest and most beautiful of all gifts. If you wake up every day with the point of consciousness to be clear about this, you have already won!"

Ramon Barri Paul