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5 essential Superfoods

5 essential Superfoods

Mireia Cervera 03 November 2021

What better way to start the path to healthy eating than by filling your fridge with superfoods ? We propose 5 that can not be missing in your fridge, they will be your basic nutrition kit for iron health and nourish your cuerpo from the inside out.

We've all grown up with boring boiled broccoli on our plate, and many times we've wished it wasn't there. But today, knowing everything we know about this cruciferous, our attitude has changed, andThere are exquisite ways to taste it, whether steamed, raw in salads, sautéed, baked gratin ... its antibacterial properties and its high content of vitamin K and calcium make broccoli one of the most important superfoods. ORn must in your fridge!

Both for its protein quality and its healthy fats, oily fish should be part of your diet. Salmon, mackerel, tuna, anchovy and sardines among othersThey are one of the best sources of omega-3, so important, not only for our cardiovascular health, but also for the proper functioning of our brain. Also noteworthy is its content of fat-soluble vitamins, necessary to maintainr strong bones (vitamin D), it has powerful antioxidant effects (vitamin E) and the ability to form cells (vitamin A). Think in blue!

Even thoughe for many of us it is still the great unknown, for newyorkers it has long been the fashionable vegetable among those who want to take care of themselves. And is not for less! Its dark green leaves are packed with beneficial nutrients that make itThey make one of the most powerful superfoods on the planet. Rich in antioxidants, beta carotene, vitamin C and K, calcium and iron. One of the best foods you can give your body.

4. BERRIES AND RED FRUITS One of the most delicious superfoods : blackberries, raspberries, blueberries and wild strawberries ... choose the one you want and start enjoying. We can eat them with yogurt, in smoothie, in fruit salad, in salads or simply inany. Rich in antioxidants and phytonutrients, they increase the levels of protection against oxidation. Ideal for preventing premature aging. Go red!

The food-medicine par excellencethat can not be missing in your diet either. It is a vegetable paste derived from the fermentation of soybeans, to which a cereal (barley or rice) can be added. Apart from its richness in nutrients, it is mainly due to its probiotic content.cos and full of lactobacilli that take care of your digestive system. Add a tablespoon of miso with hot water and you have an excellent quick and nutritious soup. If the Japanese use it for more than a thousand years it will be for something ...

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale