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Benefits of intermittent fasting

Benefits of intermittent fasting

Mireia Cervera 23 September 2021

If we look for scientific studies with the word Détox obviously are not, it is a concept too marketiniano, but if we seek benefits from the practice of "fasting" (fasting in English), which no longer a Eufemismo of "detox diets", here if we find hundreds of studies that demonstrate its benefits for our body.

Fasting is a forgotten path to health that has been practiced by most of the peoples of the world. EvoIt makes a lot of sense, the human body is designed to eat little and move a lot, it can adapt to the lack of food, it is part of its genome. Therefore, detox diets are a mild and lowered post-modern variant of these pso ancient rctics.

There have been centers specialized in fasting in Europe for decades because there is a stable demand that is even growing. In a western society with high rates of obesity, overeating and lackof exercise, some values and benefits of fasting reappear.

During fasting, and in the absence of energy, the body eliminates damaged or old cells to use them as fuel. When you return to eating normally, new young and functional cells take their place


Intermittent fasting or IF ( Intermitteng Fasting ) is a way of eating that is based mainly on periods of fasting and periods of ingestion of food. It is not a techniqueIt is new, since for thousands of years cultures from both the East and the West have practiced different periods of fasting. Likewise, children and animals, guided by their own instincts, stop eating when they are sick or stuffed. existdifferent types, but we are only going to mention the most common:

  • Absolute or total fasting (water-based)
  • Fasting or semi-fasting with fresh fruits, raw vegetables or juice-based (the most indicated for people who do not have experience).ience with fasting, as the body continues to receive large amounts of vitamins and nutrients)
  • 16 hour fast. Eat from 11 in the morning to 19 in the afternoon.
  • Fast of infusions
  • Hypercaloric fasting (less than 500kcal day)


  • People with cardiovascular risk factors benefit the most from restricting calories, sugars, and protein.
  • Intermittent fasting can increase nProduction level of human growth hormone up to 1.2% in women and 2% in men. Growth hormone plays an important role in maintaining health, fitness, and longevity, including promotingmuscle growth and increasing fat loss by speeding up metabolism.
  • It can improve brain function by increasing the production of the BDNF protein, which activates brain stem cells to turn them into new neurons.ace and activate other chemicals that promote neuronal health. This protein also protects brain cells from the changes associated with Alzheimer's disease and Parkinson's disease.
  • Helps delay agingfoundation. During fasting, and in the absence of energy, the body eliminates damaged or old cells to use them as fuel. When you return to eating normally, new young and functional cells take their place. This feedback couldprevent diseases related to aging.
  • Fasting for a day or more has been shown in mice to make mice with cancer treated with chemotherapy respond better to treatment and recover sooner.side effects.

At the moment all the scientific studies available are experimental models and the studies with humans are very preliminary and in some cases indirect, which means that there are still more studies to be completed.in demonstrating the health potential of fasting.


It is not a quick fix to excess weight, nor can it be applied as a universal remedy for obesity. Stop eatingtemporarily, it can have beneficial effects on the body, but it also has its contraindications. Not everyone can practice fasting, or do it in the same way. Fasting like so many other diets originate from mysmo: the rush to lose weight. Taking it to an extreme can be dangerous, so it is advisable to have a medical check-up.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale