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The diet of Kilian Jornet

The diet of Kilian Jornet

19 July 2022

Kilian Jornet is the best ultramarathoner in the world and breaks all records in mountain running. Kilian is where he is thanks to his work and effort, but also thanks to his diet. Discover in this post what the superhom diet is likeHe has climbed Everest twice in six days.

Kilian Jornet , the Michael Jordan of the mountains, grew up in an alpine refuge in the Pyrenees (Cap del Rec, in La Cerdanya), owned by his father, where he always practicedmountain and snow sports with your family. With only three years I already knew what it was to climb peaks of almost 3,000 meters, yes, you read that correctly, 3 years! His list of early milestones does not end there: at 10 he was able to cross the Pyrenees in 42 days. Lhe mountains and their peaks were his recreation area. Without realizing it, and as if it were a game, they instilled in him, from a very young age, a love for the mountains and to learn to enjoy doing sports. What for the common of the mortals inasumi challenges meanbles, for Kilian are, as the Americans say, "another day in the office."

It measures 171 cm and weighs 58 kg . These measurements match the body size of the world's best cyclists and marathoners.or. Kilian leads a generation of athletes who are safe at high speeds. His record-breaking performances are characterized by the minimal amount of equipment and supplies he carries with him. And because he hardly sweats. For your 11 hour climb and48 minutes to the 6,194 meters of the Denali barely took a liter of water. In summer you can run all day and drink only from the streams and eat the berries you find along the way. When you put together in the same extreme sport equationor, with minimal consumption (minimal if you like), of food and drink, the X can only be cleared by good old Jornet.

Kilian Jornet's eating habits are inversely proportional to his athletic performance: extremely normal, there is nothing extraordinary about them. They can even be improvable, as he himself admits in several interviews. Cowithout following strict planning, using very conventional products, based on a varied and healthy diet, without neglecting some "whims", such as chocolate or pizza. He eats little meat, since his mother is a vegetarian and never hover excited.

In training periods , following the instructions of your nutritionist, you usually eat three complete meals and two snacks based on muesli, dried and fresh fruits, as well as respecting aperiod of two to three hours between meals and training. During this phase avoid the intake of fatty and protein foods, choose simple cooking and drink water and hydroelectrolytic drinks, before, during and after physical work.

Entre three and five days prior to the competition, in addition to following the same recommendations as in training, substitute some protein and fatty foods with others rich in carbohydrates such as cereals, bread, potatoes, legumes or frutas with the aim of increasing glycogen stores.

Kilian makes the importance of hydration very clear. Fundamentally in any sport, but especially in ultra-distance races. For performance, for a good recovery and for injury prevention.

Finally, recovery is of vital importance, especially with regard to the supply of water and mineral salts immediately after exercise. One hour after finishing the race and within two hours, he makes a meala rich in simple and compound carbohydrates, to replenish muscle glycogen stores more easily. And it also takes a slight intake of protein, in order to facilitate muscle recovery.

Recovery is of vital importance, especially with regard to the contribution of water and mineral salts immediately after exercise. Recovery is of vital importance, especially with regard to the contribution of water and mineral salts iImmediately after exercise.

Train on an empty stomach often. But we must be clear that training on an empty stomach is dangerous if it is not done with a maximum knowledge of oneself, knowing one's own limits and being clear about the health risk that suffering from hypoglycemia can entail.mia, and even more so in a mountain environment. Kilian is a professional who dedicates his life to sport, and knows perfectly the signals that his body gives him , and is fully aware of how far he can go.

The meDue to numerous factors such as an unparalleled physical resistance capacity, a body with extremely low energy consumption, a competitive voracity at the height of the chosen ones and a grotesque naturalness when it comes to overcoming challenges, it has becometo this light man in the closest thing to a Marvel superhero, although surely, if we passed him on the street, we would never say it!