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Superfoods for the athlete

Superfoods for the athlete

Mireia Cervera 16 May 2022

Superfoods are ideal for sports practice, don't wait any longer and add them to your diet. Discover 8 superfoods that will help you improve in sport. You will notice the difference.

A superfood is a food100% natural nto (fruits, vegetables, algae, seeds, cereals, roots or herbs) that contains an extremely high density and concentration of nutrients in small quantities. They provide us with a great concentration of essential ingredients althighly absorbable and assimilable and with many health benefits that make them ideal for sports .

Superfoods are especially interesting for people who do physical exercise frequently.

Are you looking to improve your performance in sports naturally? The regular practice of sport requires a diet that allows us to obtain all the necessary nutrients to cover the expenditure caloric, to deal with oxidation and free radicals, replenish electrolytes, keep our muscles full of energy ... Here are the first 8 superfoods that you can start to include in your diet to get your best brandss:

Avocado: the perfect ally for everyone, but specifically for those who practice sports due to its high nutrient content, which helps the body to regenerate and recover from effort due to its high content of water magnitude.esium and potassium, which enhance muscle strength. It is also rich in unsaturated fatty acids and proteins of high biological quality, which makes it perfect as a muscle recuperator after hard or long-term workouts. We could prestop after the competition a salad of quinoa, avocado and kale for example.

Cinnamon: a very powerful and very cheap antioxidant. By putting it on any plate multiplies its anti poweroxidant. It is perfect for reducing the level of oxidation during and after physical activity. It is a perfect spice for athletes who have problems with glucose metabolism and diabetes, because it lowers levels ofglucose very efficiently and keeps them stable for several hours afterward. But beware! One of the spices of cinnamon (Cinnamomum cassia), which is cheaper and more efficient in regulating glucose levels, in large quantities rIt is highly toxic (more than a teaspoon a day). Ideally, add cinnamon powder to sweet dishes, desserts, fruit salads, smoothies, breakfast cereals, or make infusions directly from the bark, although it also tastes great insavory dishes, you just have to experiment!

Maca: it is a tuber that has been produced for thousands of years in the Andean zone, central Peru and today it is the main component of multiple complesports elements. It is a natural aid for your physical performance. Different studies that have been carried out evaluating the effect of this root on the human organism, proving in cyclists that its intake for 14 consecutive days increasesmentions physical performance in professional athletes. Maca is marketed in powder form and can be added to juices, smoothies, sauces, and desserts.

Acai: it is a wild fruit native to Brazil very similar to arandano. Ideal for recovery after sports thanks to its protein content (it has 16 amino acids), its richness in carbohydrates, its great supply of antioxidant vitamins and its high remineralizing power. Footballeras well as Neymar are true Acai fans.

So far 8 superfoods that help us improve our sports performance and that we should include in our diet if we want to make the most of their benefits.fices. However, there are also many other foods not considered "superfoods" that have multiple benefits for our body and that we must also include in our daily diet. Once again, the key is to use sentimentdo common and eat a balanced diet full of natural nutrients that help us get our best marks.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale