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For plant & cheese lovers

Plant-based cheese

Looking for a REAL alternative to the world of traditional dairy cheeses?

We have good news! A unique range of It's Plant-Based! Cheeses is here, the most complete alternative to traditional dairy cheeses. Same flavor, only natural and vegetable ingredients. Hard to believe, right?

"We've developed a range of plant-based cheeses for cheese lovers"

I + D + i Flax & Kale



vegetable cheeses

Vegetal protein

High amount of nuts

Without lactose


High in Vitamin B12

With Vitamin D

Source of calcium

Gluten free

Live the unique dairy experience with vegetable ingredients


With our plant-based cheeses you will live a unique experience for the senses both in taste, smell and mouthfeel, as well as in cut, spread and melt. Try them and let us know!

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