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Cold Pressed Nachos
Cold-pressed Nachos

The Upcycled Snack

Dehydrated, not fried.

Most snacks go through an unhealthy frying process related to weight gain.

To make our nachos while maintaining their nutrients, we dehydrate the fiber and mix it with cereal flours gluten-free .

Finally we rehydrate the mixture with our delicious cold-pressed juices.

The result is something unique: a very crunchy snack with surprising flavors and colors. Also, very, muand healthy.

And now yes, to enjoy. The second parts have never been so good.

video nachos cold pressed

Flavored nachos

Cold-pressed Nachos

Fried with low quality oils and at high temperatures.Dehydrated, not fried.
Composed of fiber, gluten-free whole grain flours, seeds and olive oil.
Nutritious. Contain healthy mono and polyunsaturated fats that can help control levelscholesterol.
Its complex carbohydrate content helps keep blood sugar levels stable.
They do not contain additives or artificial flavors.
Rich in fiber with a powerful satiating effect.
Mainly composed of flour or semolina from refined cereals or tubers and low-quality fats.
High energy concentration and, at the same time, not very nutritious.
They contain preservatives and artificial colors. They are high in salt.
Low in fiber and with little satiating power.

They are a source of high quality long-term energy. They are not empty calories but good nutrients for the body. Our nachos are rich in slow-absorbing carbohydrates, which the body must digest for energy. It trIt is a slow process, so our blood sugar levels remain stable and, consequently, our energy level also remains constant for longer.

Their high fiber content makes them an ally for our intestines. Fiber is essential to improve digestion, in addition to caring for the intestinal flora and preventing constipation.

Due to their healthy fat, protein, and fiber content, our nachos are especially filling. Fats and proteins are slow to digest and, like fiber, help us to stay satiated for longer.

Ideal as a healthy alternative to snack whenever and wherever you want. A true guilt-free pleasure.

They are healthy. They are tasty. They are sustainable.

  • Respectful packagings

    Respectful packagings

    100% biodegradable and compostable. Our containers are obtained from cellulose, pla and other biodegradable polymers.

  • Food waste

    Food waste

    With the aim of avoiding food cheaper and the excessive production of waste, we take advantage of organic by-products to create new foods that are equally rich in nutrients. Our Cold-Pressed Nachos are the result of fiber restbefore our juices.


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