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Once again we have counted on the study of Francesc Pons to give life to the interior design of our project.

It has opted for natural, raw, modern and innovative furniture that responds to the philosophy and evolution that lto mark towards a respectful space with the environment.

Whether it's to order a matcha to go at our kiosk or sit down to enjoy your meal indoors or on the spacious terrace, this is your new healthy stop to close a day ofperfect shopping.

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Tasty. Healthy Sustainable



    The nearest public transportation stops to our restaurant are:
    Bus lines: 405, 502, L51
    We encourage walking or biking whenever possible.
    For information about accessible transportation, click here.

  • Renewable energy

    Renewable energy

    To contribute to the achievement of goal 7 of the SDGs, Flax & Kale sources 100% of energy that comes from renewable and inexhaustible sources. Our suppliers must certify a 100% green energy source. This energy comes from: eWind energy, photovoltaic solar energy, energy valuation (from waste), biogas, biomass and hydraulic energy.

  • Compostable containers

    Compostable containers

    Our glass bottles can have infinite lives. Our juice bottles are made of recycled R-PET plastic. Our snacks and granola bags are 100% compostable. The cups and containers of our restaurants are compostable (obtaincorn starch and cellulose with PLA) and our bags, napkins and boxes are FSC® forest certified. We are committed to continue investigating the most respectful ways in all our packaging.

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