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zumos cold pressed
Cold-Pressed Juices & Smoothies

Think cold!

Combining fruits, vegetables and superfoods in our restaurants was nothing new. We wanted to turn that experience into the best collection of juice recipes without additives or aggressive treatments so that the nutrients could do whate must do: nurture you!

We find the solution in cold pressing. Only the cold-pressed process could help us to obtain 100% natural juices where the benefits of each fruit and vegetable are used to the maximum.Now, after several years improving our formulas, we can present you the most complete and tastiest range of cold-pressed juices. Drink the rainbow!

Up to 1.2 kg of fruit,

vegetables and superfoods

in each bottle.

Up to 1.2 kg of fruits, vegetables and superfoods

They are an ideal and tasty option to complete the servings of fruit and vegetables recommended by the WHO and achieve iron health.

They are easy to digest and their nutrients are easily absorbed.

They give you natural energy and vitality.

They are rich in vitamins, minerals, enzymes, and antioxidants.

Plus? Of course!

Up to 5 times more nutrients than squeezed juices and up to 100 times more than industrial soft drinks.

video cold pressed
Industrial juices

Industrial juices

Cold-pressed Juices

Most contain sweeteners, preservatives, and colorings. Some are made from concentrates.Only fruit and vegetables. 0% added sugars, 0% water, 0% additives, 0% preservatives.
Nutritional wealth by nature.
Local fruits and vegetables are prioritized.
The purest juice. Cold pressing extracts up to the lastima drop of fruits and vegetables. Nutrients remain intact and oxidation is minimized.
Intense and real flavor.
Added vitamins and minerals.
Origin of unknown fruits and vegetables.
Less pure and nutritious juices. Many timesmanufacturers must add vitamins and minerals.
Diluted flavor.

It tastes so good.

Feel even better.

The cold press is a vegetable juice extraction procedure that minimizes oxidation and preserves the nutrients in the liquid intact. In the first phase, the ingredients are crushed at low revolutions, thus preventing the temperature from rising andits nutrients are destroyed. The crushed ingredients are then pressed, extracting every last drop of liquid. Thus we obtain a pure juice, full of life and flavor, as if we were drinking directly from the fruit.

Of course! Our recipes are designed so that the whole family can enjoy them, including children. However, minors cannot and should not do a detox plan.

They are tasty. They are healthy They are sustainable.

  • R-PET recycled plastic bottles

    R-PET recycled plastic bottles

    Our bottles are made from recycled plastic. Please recycle yours in the yellow bin.

  • To the last drop

    To the last drop

    In the process of making our cold-pressed juices, we extract all the liquid from the fruits and vegetables. In this way we obtain not only juice, but also an organic fiber with very interesting nutrients.

  • Food waste

    Food waste

    With the aim of avoiding food cheaper and the excessive production of waste, we take advantage of organic by-products to create new foods that are equally rich in nutrients. Our Cold-Pressed Nachos are the result of fiber restbefore our juices.

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