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You think you can't freshen up in a healthy way but...


Your alternative to soft drinks.
With probiotics, low in sugares and calories.

If you've already been impacted by any Spoilers...

Get ready for a plot twist

It is not a trend, kombucha is a millenary fermented tea-based drink whose exact origin is not exactly known. What we do know is that it is one of the best drinks that exists in the world thanks to the vitamins, the millions of probiotics and the energy injection it provides to our body.

It was already healthy, refreshing, naturally carbonated and loved by many, so when we set ourselves the challenge of creating our own kombuchWe think: is there something we can improve?

The alternative to the usual,

with probiotics and low in sugars.

We chose the best teas.

We controled the first fermentation until we achieved a minimum amount of sugars.

To eliminate the acid taste that most kombuchas have, we apply all our know-how and useWe liquefy our cold-pressed juices in a second fermentation.

The result: a sweet, delicious and PLOT TWIST...

perfect kombucha.

Find your kombuchas in your supermarket

soft drink

Sugary Soft Drinks


kombvcha flax & kale

Kombucha Flax & Kale


High in sugar, artificial sweeteners and additives.Low sugar content due to fermentation.
Stimulating thanks to the vitamins of group B.
Stimulating thanks to caffeine. Rich in probiotics, helping to stimulate our immune system.
Helps to restore the balance of floraintestinal.
It lacks nutrients.
Associated with weight gain.

It tastes so good.

Feels even better.

Due to its content of B group vitamins, it contributes to maintaining an active metabolism and obtaining 100% natural energy faster.

The enzymes, bacteria and other secondary metabolites of the fermentation process have a great detoxification capacity of the body.

The compounds in green and black tea are increased during kombucha fermentation and facilitate the elimination of free radicals from the body.

In live culture foods, such as kombucha, we ingest bacteria that help digest food and produce multiple protective compounds.

The bacteria in kombucha can stimulate the production of certain components of the immune system. These bacteria together with yeasts also act as probiotics.

Its rich contribution in B vitamins and minerals such as magnesium, zinc, copper and manganese, contributes to improving energy levels in a refreshing naturally carbonated drink.

It's healthy. It is tasty. It is sustainable.

  • Bottles of infinite life

    Bottles of infinite life

    Our glass bottles can have infinite lives thanks to our sanitization system so that they are reused over and over again.

  • Only natural ingredients

    Only natural ingredients

    In no case do we use concentrates, aromas or other artificial products. We do not pasteurize or add other probiotics.

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