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High Five Gluten Free (5 DISHES + 5 JUICES)

High Five Gluten Free (5 DISHES + 5 JUICES)

A gluten-free version but with a lot of flavor and variety, thanks to 2 new recipes ready to heat up and enjoy! Don't worry about cooking, we will do it for you.
The pack includes 5 dishes + 5 juices.

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Without gluten. With a lot of flavor.

This new version of High Five is perfect for those who limit or directly avoid the consumption of gluten, either due to food intolerances or because they prefer it. But eliminating gluten doesn't mean giving up variety andflavor. Nothing about that. This pack includes 2 new recipes so that the variety of flavors is assured. Discover them and taste them!

We cook for you, so that you eat nutritious, delicious and balanced and do not have to worry about anything. Because we know that everything you eat affects your well-being, your health and your happiness.

Dishes and menus supervised by our team of nutritionists and prepared by our chefs, always guaranteeing flavor, quality and nutritional value.ional. The ideal option for when there is no time to cook.

Heat up and ready to enjoy! At home or at work.

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Our new addition to ready meals, ready to drink hot or cold accompanied by our famous BLUE DIAMOND blue juice.

The typical Thai national dish made with plant-based chicken, vegan that is characterized by preserving all the intensity and flavor that characterizes the original recipe. A very comforting, nutritious and protein-rich dish accompanied by ourzumo FOREVER YOUNG.

This dish, thanks to the black rice and the rich combination of vegetables and nuts, is rich in fiber, minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. Ideal for those looking for a nutritious, balanced, healthy and tasty diet.

A healthy, tasty and nutritious recipe, traditional of oriental gastronomy that allows us to cook in a healthy way with a lot of flavor. A plate full of greens and vegetables accompanied by tofu as a vegetable protein. How easy it is to be veganwhen you eat dishes as rich as this wok.

Salmon is a blue fish rich in healthy omegas 3 fats, which if you combine it with quinoa and sautéed vegetables, the result is a perfect dish to include in any meal. And as a garnish, our salad that is drunk, the green juice GREEN LOVE.

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