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High Five! Plant-based  (5 meals + 5 juices)

High Five! Plant-based (5 meals + 5 juices)

Forget about cooking, we do it for you. Eat every day a nutritious and delicious meal with this pack. Week solved!
This pack includes 5 dishes + 5 juices.

Total: 29,90€

Pack content

High five! plant-based pack

The best way to eat healthy every day. We cook for you, so that you eat nutritious, healthy, delicious and balanced and do not have to worry about anything. Because we know that everything you eat affects your well-being, your health and your happiness.
Dishes and menus supervised by our team of nutritionists and prepared by our chefs, always guaranteeing flavor, quality and nutritional value.

The ideal option for when there is no time to cook. Warm up and ready to enjoy! At home or at work.

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Important information:

Limited units each week. Don't miss out on yours!

Expiration date: Our packaged meals are shipped with a minimum expiration date of 10 days.

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