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Top 5 prepared meals *New composition*

Top 5 prepared meals *New composition*

Our 5 most desired prepared dishes. The Packaged Meals Podium!

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Top 5 Prepared meals

Our 5 most desired and most chosen ready meals, with a wide variety of flavors that you will love.
If you're looking for inspiration or to pick the winning horse, this is the pack for you!
*Please note that this pack may vary depending on the most popular dishes. We will always send you the composition of the pack at the time of purchase.

Vegetable and tofu wok: No eggs, no meat! Taste the mixture of smoked tofu accompanied by a variety of vegetables.

Plant-Based Pad Thai: Once again, we play with your senses with this plant-based version that includes the protein-rich vegan "chicken" that we have developed after many months of testing and now prepare in our workshop. Enjoy the Thai national dish while taking care of yourself and the planet!

Plant-Based Mushroom Cannelloni: Stuffed with assorted mushrooms and covered with a delicate truffled cashew béchamel sauce and grated gouda-style, they are an irresistible option for even the most skeptical vegan food lovers, with a texture, color and flavor that will surprise all your senses.

Legum sautée + tahini sauce: We love it! Whether you want to eat it cold as a salad or hot on a cold day. This sautéed chickpeas, adzukis, beans, pine nuts, cherry tomatoes and tahini sauce will win you over as much as it did us.

Salmon + red quinoa: Cooked at low temperature to preserve most of its properties, with red quinoa salad and sautéed vegetables. This Flax & Kale Tallers signature flexitarian dish is a perfect combination of protein, carbs and fiber.


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