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We travel the world in search of inspiration to create an offer that we could define in a single word: Innovation. Dare to be surprised by our exclusive and ground-breaking offer that incorporates Gluten Free Healthy Pizzas, Asian-Mediterranean Fusion Cuisine, Kombucha Lab and constant news. Enjoy!

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"With a more hipster aesthetic and even more avant-garde proposals. " The reason
"The chef fills the new Flax & Kale with gastronomic trompe l'oeils" The vanguard
"Pizzas are not incompatible with healthy eating." Ara newspaper
"Flax & Kale is the most in and aims well up." The world
"The kitchen arrives with products to lead a healthier life" Vanity El Confidential
"Healthy food no longer has anything to do with gastronomic sadness." The newspaper
"Healthy restaurants to take care of yourself outside the home too." Hola.com
"They offer incredible flavors and take care of the planet." Cosmopolitan


A surprising space located on Calle Sant Pere Més Alt de Ciutat Vella and that connects with Calle Trafalgar through the historic Pasaje de las Manufactures.

For the interior design of the premises, we wanted to maintain this essencehistorical in a modern and unique space, winking to the old trading posts that housed the passage since the nineteenth century. You will notice it in our small reserved or in our kiosk in the passage that divides our restaurant.

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Tasty. Healthy Sustainable

  • Renewable energy

    Renewable energy

    To contribute to the achievement of goal 7 of the SDGs, Flax & Kale sources 100% of energy that comes from renewable and inexhaustible sources. Our suppliers must certify a 100% green energy source. This energy comes from: eWind energy, photovoltaic solar energy, energy valuation (from waste), biogas, biomass and hydraulic energy.

  • Water osmosis

    Water osmosis

    We use Reverse Osmosis technology to purify the water that supplies our restaurants. For the optimization of resources, we developed a project to use the excess water from reverse osmosis in our sinks and thus closerar the cycle of water use.

  • Refill your Kombucha

    Refill your Kombucha

    Now at Flax and Kale Passage, bring your empty kombucha bottle and for only € 2.95, we'll fill it with your favorite flavor. Our bottles are made of glass and can have infinite lives. We have our own bottle sanitation systemthem to reuse them.

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