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10 foods to hone your defenses

10 foods to hone your defenses

Mireia Cervera 08 February 2020

Above all, when the weather changes, viruses proliferate. During this time our defenses can lower due to stress, sudden changes in temperature, infections, wet feet ... That is why it is important to tune our defenses toprevent the typical diseases of this time of year. A good diet is the key to strengthening the immune system.

Next, the foods that should not be missing this autumn-winter in our kitchen if we wantavoid the annoying colds, colds and flu pictures.

Garlic is a natural antibiotic that has antibacterial and antiviral properties, its consumption serves as a shield against infections. Increases the body's defenses, improves our response thanks to viruses and bacteria.

Mushrooms contain beta-glucans which are the most powerful substances found so far that stimulate the immune system.

Citrus: contain strong doses of vitamin C, so it helpedan to reduce cold symptoms.

Ferments: they reduce the risk of flu or colds thanks to the probiotics they contain, which help to boost defenses, being great allies against the prevention of flu and colds.

Honey: since ancient times it has been used as a remedy to relieve coughs and throat irritation due to its content of inhibidins , substances that give it bacterial and antiseptic capacity..

Brewer's yeast: strengthens the immune system; among other reasons for being a good source of selenium and vitamins of group B.

Echinacea: it is a good stimulant of the immune systemgico. It is considered the natural flu vaccine. It is usually used as a preventive for about 20 days before the changes of season, both in infusions and juices.

Thyme: has very interesting componentss, among which we highlight thymol , carvacol and flavonoids , which give it medicinal properties (antibacterial, hypotensive, antiviral, expectorant, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, carminative…).

<strong> Propolis: it is a waxy substance made with resin from pine and other trees that bees mix with wax and pollen. One of the most important activities of propolis is its antimicrobial activity, which is basically attributed to it.nte to flavonoids.

In addition, apart from what we eat, there are other factors that greatly affect our immune system, such as physical exercise and emotional well-being; as they are an essential part for our defenses to workn correctly.

At Flax & Kale we have developed our Strong Immune Defense Kit that helps your system to be in perfect condition in a totally natural waywith our delicious cold-pressed juices. Packed with vitamin C and natural antibiotics to increase your body's defenses and keep it always high, ready to defend "the front" from enemies, who are nothing more than illnesses.ages that deteriorate our health. Enter here.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale

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