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Porridge: Healthy Breakfast

Porridge: Healthy Breakfast

Mireia Cervera 07 March 2017

Porridge is a very common breakfast for British people. It has been consumed in many other places since time immemorial (it was invented by the Greeks) and its main ingredient is oats, although it can also be made with other types of ccereals and even legumes. Its high nutritional value, its easy preparation and its great versatility when combining ingredients have made it one of the most popular breakfasts of the moment.

"porridge can be key to a healthy life"

What is porridge?

It is a cereal porridge or even legumes cooked with water or milk and it is really interesting because it offers a multitude of possibilities .

The porridge admits incorporating a great variety of ingredients (nuts, seeds, fresh or dehydrated fruit, chocolate, cinnamon, honey ...) which gives it great versatility. It is a recipe open to all creativity and the color that we put in its elaboration.

It is a complete and energetic breakfast, with complex carbohydrates, especially whole grains, which are slowly absorbed and provide us with energy throughout the morning, with small amounts of nuts,seeds and seasonal fruit. In addition, it contains proteins, omega-6 fatty acids, vitamins of group B and E, calcium, phosphorus, potassium or magnesium and a significant amount of soluble fiber. And on top of that, it is easy to digest.

In case it wasRarely, a study conducted earlier this year by Harvard University states that " porridge can be key to a healthy life." The studyis based on research carried out with more than 100,000 people over 14 years, which confirms that whole grains reduce the risk of heart disease, along with other chronic diseases such as type 2 diabetes.

How to prepare a perfect porridge at home?

It is much easier than it seems , and we can also keep it in the fridge perfectly for 3 days, although obviously the best iseat it fresh.

We only have to boil the oat flakes or the chosen cereal in water, milk or vegetable drink. When the chosen liquid begins to boil, add the rolled oats and begin to stir over low heat. At the momentor that the liquid has evaporated completely and is like a mush, cover and let it rest for a minute.

We can take the porridge as is or add all the ingredients we want. Combines perfectly with banana,raspberries, chia seeds, mango, nuts ... To sweeten it a good option is to do it with a drizzle of honey or agave syrup.

What better than to start the day with a good dose of energy, fiber and protein? <Porridge is the ideal breakfast, and an excellent alternative to sugary cereals and industrial pastries. The variations are endless, let your imagination fly.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale