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Asparagus properties

Asparagus properties

Mireia Cervera 23 March 2017

It is already spring, and with it comes the first rays of sun and the asparagus season. Discover in this post its curiosities, properties and health benefits, as well as preserving and cooking them.

The espArrago is native to the Mediterranean. It was the Romans who popularized its consumption for its excellent organoleptic qualities and its therapeutic properties. At present, Italy, France and Germany are the largest product countries.prayers. The most popular and close to us are asparagus with Denomination of Origin Navarra.

This vegetable is the newborn shoot of a bush with thorny leaves called asparagus, a plant belonging to thethe Liliaceae family. The asparagus that we consume is obtained from these tender shoots. There are two main varieties, white and green, but it was not until the end of the 19th century that its cultivation began to prevail underearth, which gave rise to the appearance of the white variety.

Nutritional properties

Thanks to its low caloric content, its high proportion of water and energy nutrients, this seasonal food is a great ally to keep fit . Its high fiber content provides a feeling of satietyage helping to reduce appetite. In addition, asparagus has a very characteristic active substance, known as asparginic acid , which has diuretic properties, being very useful for people who have retentionof liquids.

This vegetable provides us with large amounts of minerals, including potassium, calcium, phosphorus and magnesium, necessary for the proper functioning of the body. Also highlights its content in vitamins of group B, vitamins C, A and E necessary for good cellular and organic health in general.

Finally, it should be mentioned that it is one of the plants that has the highest amount of folic acid , this vitamin from the groupo B, contributes to the creation of new cells and also, together with iron, in the production of red blood cells. That is why its consumption is especially indicated for pregnant women.

In the market

Although asparagus can be found in the market throughout the year thanks to the greenhouses, its best time is spring, specifically during the months of March to May. When we goto the market we must choose the specimens with closed ends, straight and firm stem. The best way to keep them fresh for as long as possible is to wrap the bunch of asparagus in a damp cloth in the refrigerator.

In the kitchen

Whether they are white, green, thick or finer, asparagus is always present in our kitchen due to its characteristic flavor and its many culinary possibilities. So, cocSteamed, grilled or grilled and with a simple dressing, they are by themselves a delicious dish, but they are also a perfect ingredient for many other recipes; scrambled eggs, tortillas, creams, as a garnish ...

The ng> asparagus is one of the best culinary options in spring , for its flavor, its nutritional properties and health benefits. Take advantage of what it ista-de-the-foods-of-season "> season and they are in their best moment and do not stop consuming them.

Mireia Cervera Nutritionist Teresa Carles Healthy Foods Group - Flax & Kale