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10th anniversary of Teresa Carles Barcelona

Teresa Carles 16 March 2021

When we opened the doors of the restaurant, I could not have imagined that we would celebrate the 10th Anniversary under these circumstances. But you know what? This is just another stone on the road that, as we have always done, we will jump with effort,enthusiasm and motivation to make this world a little healthier and happier. For the next 10 years! Thank you for choosing us, coming, coming back, recommending us, bringing someone who did not know us ...

Thanks for being there. We love you veggie much!

I remember perfectly the first time I entered what is now the Teresa Carles Barcelona restaurant. It was 2010 and, although vegetarianism was timidly beginning to emerge as a trend in Barcelona, it was still far from being the oneIn 2016 it was declared the first veg-friendly city in the world, committed to promoting and disseminating the type of food that we have been defending for more than three decades. The place where the restaurant is today, inJovellanos street, had previously hosted two vegetarian restaurants that had not finished working well. But that didn't make us back down or fear failure.

After thoroughly investigating, we realized de that the local offer lacked a restaurant that focused more on gastronomic enjoyment, celebrating the table and offering good food at reasonable prices. And we were determined to offer it to him, taking the fphilosophy of my first restaurant, El Paradís. We opened the doors in March 2011, with the idea of offering a dynamic menu, which would change often and allow diners to come as many times as they wanted, without getting bored, and we will adapt quickly.quickly to the changes of season.

We were very clear that, although we had gone from a small city to a much larger one, we did not want to lose the spirit of closeness and familiarity that we had managed to create in Lleida, which had become a house brand like fideuá a la marinera. This month we are 10 years old and I could not think of a better way to celebrate it than by going through the 40 years of my recipe book and choosing the most emblematic dishes for theDishes of the Day. Every week you will find some of them and the week of March 15, which is the anniversary, all the dishes will be.

Are you accompanying us on this gastronomic journey through time?
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We are waiting for you for the next 10 years!

Teresa Carles and family

Teresa Carles Chef in charge & Founder